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Welcome to Countdowns and Cupcakes, where we celebrate each homecoming, thrive during each deployment and honor each kick-butt military spouse who holds down the home front!

I’m Rachel, just one of the many amazing men and women who work full time, have a side hustle/passion project, maintain a house, take care of a family and find themselves trying to navigate the ups and downs of military life. I consider myself extremely lucky to be a military spouse and wouldn’t trade the last 4+ years of loving a sailor for anything in the world.

Since marrying my sweet, hunky husband and starting this blog, I’ve found amazing military spouses all over the world who inspire me every single day with their strength, passion and positivity. We’re a force to be reckoned with!

But I firmly believe that, much like our men and women in uniform, we’re so much stronger together. That mentality led me to create a community out of Countdowns and Cupcakes, growing it beyond just a blog. Each step I take, from blog to business to social media, is aimed at reaching one more military spouse with resources, friendship and a spot to feel at home.

So please look around my little corner of the internet! Check out care package ideas, learn a little more about deployment and introduce yourself! If you’re interested in hearing more about Countdowns and Cupcakes (and getting 165+ FREE care package ideas right away), sign up for my newsletter below!

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