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Fall Care Package Contents

Fall Care Package Contents

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you all had a great start to fall last week, even if it still feels like summer in lots of spots! Even though the temps are still a bit too high to break out sweaters and everything pumpkin spice, you can’t help but notice all the good fall care package contents in the stores. There’s no shortage of fall spirit when you stroll through the grocery store aisles!

I’m not sure what it is about fall care package contents, but I just absolutely love shopping for them! Actually it’s probably because there’s so much orange, but even if you decide to send non-fall themed items, a little wrapping paper makes everything fit the theme.  I used that in A’s last fall care package and couldn’t be happier with the way that box turned out.

Fall Care Package ContentsFall care package contents can quickly slip firmly into the junk food category.  Every cookie/brownie/snack cake out there seems to come in a limited edition pumpkin spice flavor. And for some folks, that’s totally fine, but if your loved one is anything like my husband, a box of junk food isn’t going to fly, no matter how well themed it is.  So when shopping for fall care package contents, I tried to put together a mix of healthy and not so healthy items, plus a few non-food items.

Items like granola, pumpkin seeds or flavored nuts can still say fall while not adding a ton of calories. Apple flavored items are under appreciated when it comes to fall care package contents.  Consider sending apple chips or even apple flavored granola or oatmeal to give your loved one a break from pumpkin everything.

To me fall goes beyond just pumpkin-flavored foods; things like fall scented candles and snuggly blankets really make the season. And while you can totally ship a nice snuggly blanket, a candle probably isn’t the best idea. Oftentimes open flames aren’t allowed and the candle could definitely melt en route.  Instead, I recommend a fall-scented air freshener to add that touch of homeyness.

Depending on weather, items like hand warmers or cold-weather clothing (like extra warm socks!) may be good additions to your fall care package.  I also love the idea of cutting out paper leaves and writing little notes on them.  You could also try sending fall leaves from home, but they may crush and turn to dust during shipping.  However, little ones could color or decorate paper leaves.

Fall care package contents are everywhere right now and the only real limit on what you can send is your imagination. What kinds of things will you send in your fall care package?

P.S. stuck on how to decorate your fall care package? I can help with that by creating a custom look just for you! Contact me via my Etsy shop and we’ll start collaborating!

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