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Camping Care Package

Camping Care Package

This will probably come as no shock to those of you who know me in real life, but before I met A, I wasn’t terribly outdoorsy. I may have liked being outside, but something like camping would not have even been in the realm of possibility. Until A convinced me to go camping. We had the best time and it’s something we plan to do regularly when he gets home.  I tried to capture all the fun of that trip in my new camping care package.

I selected shimmery blue paper for my night sky and think everything really pops against it. The sparkly stars remind me so much of our weekend in the woods and catching glimpses of the sky through the trees. In our case, we had both dogs packed into the tent and made a lot of s’mores over our campfire.

I love this entire camping care package so much, but my favorite part may be the two decorated flaps. The hammock and deer are just so stinking precious! They add a touch of romance to the box because when you’re camping (and don’t have two dogs in the tent with you), it can be a little romantic.

If you’re loved one enjoys the great outdoors, then this would be the perfect care package for them.  You could send trail mix, beef jerky, s’mores flavored snacks and even a pine air freshener to make them feel like they’re relaxing in the forest.

This camping care package is available in my shop right now. As always, it ships free and 10% of your total is donated to an organization that supports military families.

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