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Anniversary Care Package Inspiration

Anniversary care package inspiration

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that anniversaries have a lot of meaning to me and that I really enjoy celebrating them. I certainly don’t let something as small as my husband being deployed stop me! As our dating anniversary approaches, I’ve started thinking about the anniversary care package I will send him.  I pulled together some of my favorite ideas for you all!

Anniversary Care Package Decor


You could print a photo collage and cut it to fit each flap or even create one with individual photos on the flap itself. Depending on the resolution of your photo, you could blow it up and use one photo to cover the entire inside of the box. Imagine how cool that would look!

Maps of significant locations

Pick a map of where you met, where you fell in love, where you live, where you got engaged/married and you’ve already covered the entire box! I used maps for a care package during our last deployment and loved how it turned out.

Handwritten love letters

People don’t write love letters enough anymore; email and texts just aren’t the same. There’s something inherently more romantic about handwritten letters and what better time to use them than an anniversary care package? You would need to write them on large enough paper to cover the entire flap, but the effect would be so sweet.

Reasons you love him/her

This could go hand-in-hand with handwritten love letters, but covering all four flaps with reasons you love your service member works perfectly for an anniversary.  You could write out a long list or place a few reasons in little envelopes attached to the flaps.

Anniversary Care Package Contents

Photo album or scrapbook

You can find small photo albums for a few dollars and once you fill them with pictures, they make the perfect gift. Since most albums have those plastic photo protectors, you could also slip in a few love notes or include small mementos of your relationship.


No, this isn’t something dirty. LoveBook is this super cute illustrated version of life with your loved one. The characters are super cute and they have so many different pages, you will definitely find something that applies to your relationship.

Deployment-friendly take on traditional gift

Did you know that there are traditional wedding anniversary gifts? See if you can come with a deployment-friendly version of the traditional anniversary gift to send your loved one. Creative gifts are often the best because of the extra thought that goes into them.

Puzzle letter

I just found this idea and so want to try my hand at a puzzle letter! This would be so cute if you used a photo of the two of you as the picture and then wrote a sweet note on the back.  It’s something interactive and handmade for your loved one with a sentimental twist.

Do you celebrate all of your anniversaries? What would you put in an anniversary care package?

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