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Pinterest Care Package Inspiration

I remember the first time I discovered Pinterest. I was in college and it was dangerously close to finals week, but I just had to pin ALL the things. If I had known how important Pinterest would be for me in the future, I may not have ever studied for my exams! But now Pinterest is a great source of care package inspiration and a place I regularly turn when I’m stuck for ideas.

To save you hours of browsing (and falling into the Pinterest rabbit hole), I’ve pulled together a roundup of my favorite Pinterest care package inspiration and linked sources when I could find them. Feel free to shop around or work with me on a custom order!

Pinterest Care Package Inspiration

I love both of these designs from One Day Closer Design. The superhero one is perfect to send from a group; maybe from little ones for Father’s Day. And then the pirate one hits just the right note between funny and naughty without being (too) embarrassing.

Pinterest Care Package Inspiration

These two beauties came from Creative Care Packages. Their Instagram is full of great care package inspiration, both for the design and care package contents. I love the romance of the Lady and Tramp one and it shows that you don’t necessarily have to own a fancy machine to create gorgeous care packages.  I love how well the contents of the movie night care package fit the theme; you could use this as a long distance date!

Pinterest Care Package Inspiration

Unfortunately, these four didn’t have sources linked on Pinterest, but they were so cute I had to include them. (If they’re yours, let me know in the comments!) I’m just in love with the camping one and think the words as a constellation are one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen. And the tissues on the flap for the prescription box? Perfection!

If you’re looking for more care package inspiration, check out my blog posts or Pinterest.

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