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Solo Valentine’s Day Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet blog friends! In a way, all of you are my Valentine this year. Military spouses tend to spend a lot of “couple” holidays alone and I am rocking another solo Valentine’s Day today. That’s right, I said rocking. Even though my husband isn’t here, I can still make the most out of the day. And if your loved one is gone (or you’re single!), you can as well.

I think we focus a lot of our Valentine’s Day attention on romantic love, but there are so many other people you can share the love with today. If you’re solo, consider focusing your attention on other people in your life.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Odds are you have a few solo ladies in your life; find a way to celebrate with them. Maybe it’s going out for lunch or getting together for after-work drinks. Invite a fellow military spouse over for dinner or leave encouraging notes in your neighbors’ mailboxes.

Nurture those friendships, give them love and have fun today. Surround yourself with people you love and celebrate other relationships in your life.


Give to others. 

We focus on giving during the Christmas season, but why not continue that on Valentine’s Day? You could volunteer or donate what you would normally spend on Valentine’s dinner to your favorite charity. Bring a sweet treat to work or to your neighbors. Or spend an extra 10 minutes playing fetch with your four-legged family members.

Your actual action may be small, but the impact it has could be huge, especially if you encourage others to continue the cycle of giving.

Treat yourself. 

You’re constantly taking care of others, managing things on your own and holding down the fort while your spouse is gone. But maybe it’s time to take care of yourself and what better day to do that than Valentine’s Day? Who says you can’t be your own Valentine?

Spouse Connexion has some great suggestions for pampering yourself on Valentine’s Day. Take a bath, watch your favorite movie or get your hair done. Make some time for yourself in order to make the day special.

While a solo Valentine’s Day may not be your first choice, you don’t have to let it ruin your day. There are so many ways to spread the love and celebrate the holiday. How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day?

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