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Mudroom Inspiration

Do you ever get an idea in your head and find it absolutely impossible to backtrack or accept anything else? For me, that happens every once in a while, especially when it comes to visualizing how I want something to look. Our new house seems to be getting a lot of that. From my office to the guest room, I’ve had very strong visions for each room in our house. Our mudroom is no exception!

Our mudroom is a fairly small and dark space, but it has the potential to be so stinking adorable. I want to brighten up the space and add some character, but still make it truly functional as a first stop for the family.

One thing I am 100% committed to is having a church pew as the seating in the space. I would like an antique one that’s been whitewashed or painted white and distressed. Although if I could convince A to install shiplap along the longest wall, like in the last photo, I would totally consider a darker pew! I really like the light wood tone of the pew in the third photo and think it would have a nice contrast against our floors.

Once we’ve added our antique seating, we need to add storage. Eventually we want to grow our family and I would really like to catch everyone’s shoes, coats and bags in that one area. I’m torn between solid cubbies and wall hooks.  The room isn’t huge so the space saving aspect of the wall hooks is especially appealing.

I would love to add some color in the mudroom and a painted door would be so cute. I wonder if I can convince A that painting our garage door orange is a good idea.

What room in your house did you have the strongest vision for?

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