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Winter Weather Mood Boosters

Winter Weather Mood Boosters

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about y’all, but I find myself more in need of a weekend when it’s been a short work week than when it’s a regular one. Combine that with some blah winter weather and I am in serious need of a mood boost!  Luckily I’ve found some winter weather mood boosters that always brighten my spirits. I’ve used them a lot over the past few weeks!

Winter Weather Mood Boosters

Embrace it. 

If it’s cloudy/rainy/bitterly cold outside, then stay inside and live it up! Have a movie marathon or finish that book collecting dust on your coffee table. Light a fire (or flick the switch if you’re me), brew a cup of tea and have a full on snuggle session on the couch. If you’re in need of a snuggle buddy, I have two very needy dogs who would gladly volunteer!


Science has shown time and time again that exercising can dramatically improve your mood. But when the weather outside is frightful, how do you get moving and reap those benefits? I’m a huge fan of yoga and that’s the perfect indoor exercise option. If hardcore cardio is more your style, YouTube has a lot of workout videos available. And as much as I dislike it, cardio equipment may not have you breathing fresh air, but it will help boost those mood-friendly chemicals in your brain.

Light a scented candle. 

Scented candles can be a great mood booster and judging by my growing collection, they work for me too! I love picking out just the right scent to make the house feel cozy and smell delicious. You’ll find one burning most evenings after dinner in my house and all day on rainy days. Citrus scents are particularly cheerful, while lavender can be very relaxing. If you’re not a fan of open flames, there are many other options out there.

Laugh it out. 

They say “laughter is the best medicine” for a reason. There are very few problems I’ve run into in my life that a good belly laugh didn’t help. Winter weather is no exception. Get together with a friend who always brings the laughs or watch a funny movie. I use comedy specials pretty heavily during deployment to lighten the mood and they’d work perfectly to combat the winter yuckiness.

Let as much natural light in as possible. 

This is my favorite winter weather mood booster. We don’t currently have curtains or blinds on most of our downstairs windows and gloomy winter days have made me very grateful for that! By letting in as much natural light as possible, the house seems cheerier even on days that it’s yucky out. It also inspires me to get up and at ’em earlier than say noon because the house isn’t dark and conducive to sleep.

What winter weather mood boosters do you use to stay cheery?

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