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New House, New Christmas Decor

It’s no secret that I like decorating for the holidays. Actually, that’s a lie. I LOVE decorating for the holidays, sometimes more than celebrating the holidays. I don’t know what it is exactly, but there’s just something about a house decorated for a holiday that makes it instantly more homey. I loved the way our townhouse looked when it was all decked out for Christmas, so I was really excited to start adding Christmas decor to our new home.

I tried to reuse items that we already owned, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about having more space to decorate and, therefore, needing to add to my Christmas decor. That’s right. I said need.

Our dining room and kitchen have pretty strong color palettes that don’t let themselves to the holidays terribly well.  The orange and navy isn’t really a neutral background so I knew that I needed to add cheer to those spaces in a slightly different (and more subtle) way. The combination of white and silver was just the thing to go with my pre-existing color scheme and still being festive.

For the first time ever, I decorated the sills of the small cafe windows in the dining room and I’m so glad I did! They allowed me to use some of my taller silver and white trees as well as the most adorable tin and reclaimed wood sign I found in a shop downtown.



With a few touches on the windowsills, I turned my attention to the farmhouse table, my favorite surface in the entire house to decorate.  I wanted to continue the wintery theme and knew I was on the right track when I found these gorgeous silver chargers at Michaels and the snowflake napkins at HomeGoods. They’re simple which allows the focus to be on the centerpiece.


I purchased some fake greens at Michaels and laid them down the center of the table, adding smaller silver Christmas trees and mercury glass votive holders within them.  The small red berries in the greenery adds just enough color to the table, but isn’t overwhelming.  I then topped it all off with my favorite white reindeer.




I opted to keep everything very short here so that people could still chat over the centerpiece.  On Christmas Eve, I’ll add votives to the candle holders and the whole table will be all sparkly and gorgeous. I’m very proud of this one!

Next up was the kitchen where the orange accessories posed the largest Christmas decorating challenge. But this was not my first rodeo and this girl came prepared with orange Christmas ornaments! I repurposed these from a garland that used to hang over our kitchen window in the townhouse.

Another white reindeer, tree and chalboard-inspired printable went a long way in this corner of the kitchen.



In the coffee nook, I added one more white tree (seriously HomeGoods has a ridiculous selection right now) and a mercury glass candle holder (left over from our wedding) with some Christmas tree cuttings.  I love grabbing a few trimmings from our tree to add freshness around the house. Plus it makes me feel like I’m saving oodles of money by reusing trash.


The fresh trimmings carried over to the island where they were joined by red and while garlands and a few teeny tiny red ornaments. This is the most non-orange color of any spot in the kitchen, but since there aren’t any orange accents on the island, I wasn’t worried about them clashing.


I opted to go with more traditional Christmas decor in the living room, but still kept it in line with the rest of the house. Our super rustic coffee table got a very natural looking tree along with some tree trimmings.


I found these cute pillows at Michaels and loved that they were neutral enough to go with everything, including that adorable Merry Christmas throw that no one is actually allowed to use. A bowl full of Dollar Store ornaments on the side table completes that festive corner.



Then I turned my attention to my first time decorating a mantle! I repurposed two sparkly red trees and some pre-lit garland from my townhouse days. They frame the TV perfectly, something I’m still figuring out how to decorate around.

But the biggest news it that we finally have somewhere to hang our stockings! This fact excited me so much that I may have gotten a tad carried away with all of the adorable stocking holders there are out there.


My mom found these little dachshund holders and knew I had to have them! Sadly there were only two in the store so I went off on my own in search of new holders for A and myself.


Knowing that the dachshund ones were a bit rustic, I was very excited when I found these white marble trees! The wood base is similar to the dachshunds so everything looked thought out and planned which was my goal.

Did I say I got carried away with just the stocking holders? Because I definitely got carried away with stockings for the dogs as well. Look at those tiny bone buttons!

Not to be outdone, the fireplace hearth got a festive touch as well. I made that pillow myself when I was in the third grade and it’s been a part of my Christmas decor ever since I moved out on my own.


But what’s the point of Christmas decor if you don’t ever light it all up?! I love the quiet hours after dinner when it’s dark enough to plug in the lights and just enjoy all the coziness. 

Last but certainly not least is Burt, our Christmas tree.  Every year A and I go to the same tree farm and select a locally grown Charlie Brown tree. I considered skipping this tradition since A isn’t here this year, but he convinced me to go through with it and I’m glad I did.

With some lights, ribbon garland and our unique collection of ornaments, this little $10 tree doesn’t look too shabby! I love the glow of a Christmas tree and love that people can see it from the street.


I love the way it turned out this year and am excited to add to our Christmas decor for many years to come. Now, does anyone know how to keep a tree alive until spring?!

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