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Gift Guide: Dachshund Lover

And, cue the Christmas preparation! I hold out every year until after Thanksgiving to really get going on Christmas, but now that the turkey has been eaten (and eaten and eaten), I’m ready to start thinking mistletoe and tinsel. And I am ready to celebrate the beejesus out of this holiday! So much so that I’m going to share a gift guide every Friday for the next few weeks. Sit back, enjoy and knock out some shopping!

Up first is a bit of a quirky guide, but I am sure I am not the only one who loves all things dachshund! Dog people are crazy about everything related to their favorite breed and dachshund people may be some of the craziest! Break out the eggnog, get your Christmas list printable handy and shop my round up of all things wiener dog that any doxie fan would love to have under their tree.


Measuring spoonsMugArtShirtMugCoastersPaperclipsTowelShirt

Ok first, let’s talk about how cute those measuring spoons are! And for only $12, they would be the perfect gift for anyone on your list, including this girl. I may have to buy them for myself. You know what else needs to be in my kitchen? That best dog mug. I love the watercolor style of the dachshund!

Not all dachshund fans are women so that doxie dad shirt will let guys proclaim their love. Imagine how cute a photo would be with owners wearing their respective shirts and a little wiener dog standing all proud in the middle? #nextyearsChristmascard

My other favorite is definitely the wiener dog paperclip. It truly combines my two greatest collectible loves: dachshunds and office supplies. Being stuck at a desk all day would be easier if I had those little guys to organize my papers.

Are you a pet owner who’s crazy about your furry friend’s breed? Where’s the best place to get gifts for that obsession?

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