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Stitch Fix Recap #22

I am not lying when I tell you that getting my Stitch Fix each month is like having a little box full of sunshine arrive on my doorstep! This month was no exception as I had to make some very hard decisions to keep from purchasing everything!

Daniel Rainn Feruko Lace Detail Top

Item #1: Daniel Rainn Feruko Lace Detail Top. First off, this photo doesn’t do the shirt justice at all! Second, I LOVE THIS SHIRT. The design, the color (a deep navy blue) and the little extras (like the top part in the back being sheer) all contribute to a perfect date night top that I can’t wait to take out on the town.

Donna Morgan Alissyn Dress

Item #2: Donna Morgan Alissyn Dress. I really loved the colors and pattern of the dress, but I just couldn’t keep it.  The price was significantly higher than I wanted to spend and the cut wasn’t the most flattering on my body type so I sent it back.

Market & Spruce Bruce Double Strap Blouse

Item #3: Market & Spruce Bruce Double Strap Blouse. As A said “this shirt has Rachel written all over it!” The pattern, the color, the cut…all of these things made it a keeper. I’ve already worn it to work and loved it.

Papermoon Hearst Cross Back Blouse

Item #4: Papermoon Hearst Cross Back Blouse. I wanted to like this top. Actually I take that back. I did like this top. I wanted to feel comfortable in it, but I just couldn’t. The split back was never something I’d wear out as-is so a camisole would have been required, which defeated the whole point of the split back.

Skies are Blue Pagan Back Strap Chambray Top

Item #5: Skies are Blue Pagan Back Strap Chambray Top. Here’s another one I’ve already worn to work and been super happy with! The straps are thick enough that I can wear it without a sweater, but the material is thin enough that layering is an option as well.

Should I have kept the dress? What would you have kept?

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