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House Update: What a Colorful World!

Happy Friday, everyone! And even more importantly, happy Friday of a long weekend! I hope you have a ton of fun things planned for the next few days and that the weather cooperates with you. It’s supposed to be kind of dreary here over the weekend, but it almost doesn’t matter to me because we’re less than a month away from closing on our new house!

Pardon me while I happy dance around the desk for a little bit.

Ok, I’m back now. So much progress has been made over the past month that A and I get more excited every day!

In the last four weeks or so, we’ve gotten all of our drywall installed, taped and painted, had the siding installed and painted and seen our cabinets, decorative moulding, doors, shower tile, countertops and baseboards go in. Before each step is finished, I get a little nervous because we chose things so long ago and from such tiny samples. So far though we’re both LOVING how things have turned out.  It makes us even more anxious for the end of June to get here so we can move in!

Military Blogger House Construction71

First up, let’s talk the exterior color. I’m in love and if I could paint the whole inside the same color, you’d have a very happy Rachel. We wanted something different than all the beige and gray that was already in our new neighborhood. I was drawn to the blue because it came with a red front door and shutters (you can see the shutters in the first image), but wasn’t sure if it was too bold. After seeing it on our house and against the two next door neighbors, I couldn’t be happier.  I think it gives it a bit of a farmhouse feel which is something A and I love.
Military Blogger House Construction68

I can’t believe how different things look with drywall!  To walk in and suddenly see rooms instead of just a massive space was a huge step forward for us! I may have gone around and touched each wall.  Some more details that I love are the fireplace mantle and the subway tile in our showers.
Military Blogger House Construction81

Military Blogger House Construction87

And then in the past few days, cabinet and countertop installation happened! Along with interior painting! Yes, I did open and close every door and drawer. And then so did A.

Military Blogger House Construction90

Military Blogger House Construction

With these interior finishes happening, I feel like we’re so close to moving in and honestly, we’re not too far away! By this time next month, we should be about ready to call this place home.

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