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House Update: We Have a Foundation!

I’m not sure I’ve ever been excited about concrete and cinder blocks before and I likely will never be again, but by golly, our house has them now! And I’m in love.

March Home Construction Update03

Earlier this month, they removed the sales office trailer and graded the lot. And it sat like that for a rather long time.  Basically it seemed like years, at the very least, that we just had a dirt-filled lot (although a very smooth one!) where our house was supposed to sit.

March Home Construction Update67

But now, ladies and gentlemen, we have moved past the empty lot stage and have our foundation! Look at how nice those stairs are (behind the porta potty) and they’ll be even nicer when covered with stone! Yup, I just got excited about stairs. Sorry, y’all. At least it’s better than cinder blocks and concrete.

At the end of this week, we have a meeting with our project manager so he can go over the timeline, answer any questions we may have and narrow down our closing date to a two week window.  Eek!

We selected all of our finishes (check out my Pinterest board for some of our inspiration) back in December so most of the “fun” stuff for us is done which makes meetings like these really important to me.  It helps make the process more real and it’s so exciting when we get to see actual progress.

Have you ever built a house and if so, how did you get the down time to pass quickly?

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