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The Dachshund Behind the Blog: Meet B!

Boy, do I have a treat for you all today! The third part of my 2016 introductions is undoubtedly the best.  Dear readers, please meet B, the dachshund behind the blog! 

‘Sup, peeps.  It’s B-Dizzle and I’m so happy to meet you, my butt is a’wiggling.

Meet B!

To be fair though, my butt is almost always a’wiggling, especially when I see my people. Or sometimes even while I’m sleeping. Or am getting ready to eat. Or going for a walk. Or playing ball.

For the record, I LOVE to play ball.  My favorite way to play is to fetch it, place it just out of reach of my people and then bark super loudly to let them know I’m ready to fetch it again.  It’s so much fun!

Can I just say how glad I am that you all stop by my mom’s blog every day? It’s mainly because when she’s writing, she’s not making me wear any outfits. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I look snazzy in them, but sometimes I like sharing my natural good looks.

Mom has been dressing me up for about three years now.  Sometimes I pretend that I don’t like it, but she and I both know that I do. I’d basically do anything for my mom. Of course, we weren’t always each other’s Milkbone.  When I first came to live with her, I was so pouty that, for a while, my mom thought I didn’t like her. I totally used that (and my highest pitched whine) to my advantage and now I get to sleep in a big bed with super fancy blankets.

Who’s the smart one now?! That’s right, this guy.

Meet B

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