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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Tell me if this sounds familiar at all: you’ve made your list and checked it twice, but somehow you still find yourself scrambling for a last minute gift! It happens to the best of us: someone gives us a gift that we weren’t expecting or a last minute addition is made to the family Christmas party. And then what do you do?

Well first of all, don’t panic. I’m here to help with a few quick and easy ideas that will have you prepared for just such a conundrum.

I think the best way to deal with unexpected gift giving without busting the budget is to go with something homemade (and edible). Maybe a bag full of your famous cookies or peppermint bark.  The great part here is that you can make batches of both of these items, bring them to a holiday party and hand them out like there is no tomorrow.

Another idea would be to purchase a few gift cards (I’m thinking only $5 or $10 each) to a few gender-neutral places (Starbucks, the movies, Target, etc) and keep them stashed in your purse.  I also find that any kind of pretty stationary makes for great last minute gifts. You can package a few of them together for a really nice gift for any fellow office supply lovers.

Last, but not least, this idea is so stinking cute! You could easily put this together for all your girlfriends, female coworkers, neighbors, etc.

What are your best last minute gift ideas?
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