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Our Favorite Marriage Advice

A and I are very lucky to have quite a few strong marriages to model ours after; so many of our family members have been married for decades upon decades that it would be silly not to ask for (and follow) some of their advice. So on our wedding day, we did just that!<

Reading everyone’s notes when we came home from our honeymoon was a blast, as they made our hearts so full.  I came across the little baggie full of them a few weeks ago and knew that I had to share some our favorites with you all!


My aunt and uncle have been married for 24 years (ish) and are still the family members I think of when I think “young, fun married couple”. I think it’s safe to say they stick to this one.

My parents just celebrated their 37 year date anniversary and still go out for lunch dates.  I love that they wrote this one and know that it means so much more than just going on dates. It means holding hands, being excited to spend time together and not losing that tingly, butterfly feeling.

Two great pieces of advice from two couples who’ve mastered this whole marriage thing. I’d like to think that A and I do a good job of letting the little things go as quickly as we can.

I have no idea who this one is from, but I love it! I hope our house is always one people want to visit, both because it’s in a warm location (I am a Southern girl at heart, after all) and because it’s full of so much love.

Oh this one…cue all the heart eyes.  I have always been a big believer in turning the TV off during dinner and using that time to re-connect as a couple (and someday as a family).  Schedules are only going to get more hectic as our lives go on, so we’ve made this commitment already.

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you’ve ever been given and have you followed it?<

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