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Last year, I shared some gift ideas for guys and it was a huge hit! Seems like I’m not the only one who struggles with finding just the right present for the fellas in my life and it makes perfect sense. Most guys I know fall into one of two categories in regards to presents: either they don’t actually want anything or anytime they want something, they get it for themselves.

Anyone else tell me if this sounds familiar at all:

You and your guy are out shopping one day, months before Christmas. He finds something he really likes and you make a mental note to order it for his present. Then before you can do so, it shows up at your door. He ordered it for himself!!!! Only he got the deluxe version that was outside of your Christmas budget and all the accessories that go with it and you’re back to square one.

See how insanely frustrating that is?!?!

Not to worry though. If we can stick together, we can outsmart them! I’ve put together a few gift suggestions for a variety of interests so hopefully something finds it way under your tree!

For the foodie:

Cast Iron SkilletThug Kitchen CookbookTastes of the World Cooking Kits
 Garlic RockerCast Iron Skillet Cookbook 

This is probably the area that I shop from the most when it comes to presents for A.  He loves cooking and anything food-related is a good bet for him.  Plus, let’s be real here, anytime I get out of dinner duty, it’s really a gift for me too.

For the music lover: 

Guitar PickRecord Coasters

I’m biased because I purchased the guitar pick for A’s wedding gift, but anything this cute is hard to pass up! You could always add concert tickets or maybe a framed vintage concert poster for some larger ticket items.

For the coffee enthusiast: 

Coffee Explorer Set To Go MugCold Brew Gift Set 

Another go-to gift source for me are coffee items. They’re generally inexpensive and make great stocking stuffers, but if you wanted to get all kinds of crazy, they make some super fancy coffee makers these days.

For the outdoorsy/active guy:

Yeti KoozieExercise BookCamelbak Water BottleBose Sport Headphones

I combined a lot of interests here, as proven by the inclusion of both a water bottle and a beer koozie in the same category, but who doesn’t need both?! I’ve talked about the benefits of the Camelbak bottle before and A absolutely loves his Bose sport headphones.  The good thing here is that you can use the headphones as the big ticket item and add a few smaller gifts to round things out.

For the fashionable guy: 

BombfellShoe Shine KitManicure Kit 

Raise your hand if you knew they now made a Stitch Fix for guys? Raise your hand if you wish you had thought of this idea yourself?!?!  I think this would be an awesome gift for a guy who loves clothes or a guy whose clothes need a little love.  Plus if your husband is anything like mine, he is constantly stealing your nail clippers or tweezers and could probably use a set of his own!

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