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32 Years Ago

Thirty two years ago, the computer mouse was invented, Reading Rainbow came on air for the first time, a gallon of gas only cost $0.93, the McNugget debuted and someone very special was born.

That’s right.

This little nugget came into the world 32 years ago (on Sunday!) and the world has been afraid ever since.  I’ve heard enough stories to know that A was a rather rambunctious child (to put it lightly), but I also know that he’s kind hearted, caring, smart and exceptionally funny.  I feel very lucky that he’s been brightening the world for 32 years and my world for three!

I hate that we aren’t together to celebrate his birthday this year, but I sent a pretty awesome birthday care package in my place.  Plus it gives me an excuse to add an extra day to the welcome home festivities in honor of his birthday.

Happy birthday to my sweet husband!

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