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Sooner Than Later Isn’t Always A Good Thing

There’s this saying that opposites attract and I believe that wholeheartedly.  Being with someone who has different interests, different likes, different quirks, even different annoying habits keeps things fresh and exciting. It also hopefully keeps you both from fighting over the last bit of the same snack food, because that could get downright ugly.

But sometimes people can be too different to make a relationship work, their differences being fundamental, obstructive and unyielding.  That sentence describes A and I. Or at least the people we were in say high school or even college.

Sometimes we talk about us “in the old days” and try to figure out what our relationship would have been like had we met then. We unfailingly come to the same conclusion.  While we now complement each other with our different personalities working together to make a super couple, the people we were even just 5 years ago probably would not have gotten along. At all.

Take me in high school for example: I like to downplay it, but I was for sure the little Ms. Goodie Goodie.  I adored school and would drag myself there with pneumonia if I had to, just so I didn’t fall behind in any of my classes.  I studied like crazy, oftentimes doing homework until 10 at night.

Take A in high school for example: He likes to downplay it, but I’ve been told he was quite the troublemaker back in his day. Not really a fan of school, he ditched enough to have hangouts around town where he and his friends would go instead of English.  I’m not sure he ever really studied beyond listening in class and then showing up for the test.

Clearly if we had been paired together on a class project, I would have complained about him to no end.  He, of course, insists that he would have pulled his weight because he secretly would have liked me.  I probably would have made no secret of how he made me feel: irritated.

That’s why I’m pretty grateful that we didn’t find each other until three years ago. We both needed that time to become who we are now, the grown up versions of us who were ready to meet each other.

And now those versions of us (which are not always covered in colored cornstarch) have been together for three years (as of today!) and could not be happier.  Well I mean we would probably be happier if we were physically together, rather than doing this whole deployment thing, but you get the idea.

Happy anniversary to the best guy in the world, and the one I likely would have hated in high school!

Would you have gotten along with your significant other if you’d met earlier in life?

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