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A Big Date in August

A and I on our first anniversary

I’m putting a question out there for the married folks out there: do you still celebrate your dating anniversary?

I ask because A believes that when there’s a wedding anniversary, all the other ones don’t count. Frankly, I think he only says that to irritate me, but I firmly disagree, no matter what his reasoning! Without a dating anniversary, we wouldn’t have a wedding anniversary and I plan on celebrating August 14th every year.

When I last got to talk to A, I poked around to see if he remembered what was coming up and if he had any plans to celebrate it via lavish gifts and flowery cards.

Me: Sooooo…do you know what’s coming up soon?

A: Hmm. August? August? August…14th, right? Of course I remember that, it’s my brother’s birthday.

Me: No! Well, I mean yes, but there’s something else on that day too.

A: I know. Three years right?

Me: Yes! That’s a stinking long time isn’t it?

A: Yeah it is, especially when you’re stuck with me.

Me: Truth. What do you remember from our first date?

A: I was there super early, borderline creepy early.

Me: Me too! I sat in the parking lot across the street because I was trying to work myself up to walking inside.

A: What did you think when you first saw me?

Me: Hey! I’m asking the questions here. But I though that you were way better looking than your photos showed.

A: That was the idea. I figured by then I had you interested so my good looks would hook you forever.

Me: Well that’s modest.  What did you think when you first saw me?

A: I thought that you were a little reserved, but figured that if you were confident enough to wear mint pants, you would open up eventually. And then you tucked your feet up into your chair at one point and I thought that was it.

Me: Aw, that’s actually kind of sweet.  Did you think that 3-ish years later I’d be keeping you awake while you’re deployed to talk about this kind of stuff?

A: No, not really. I mean I hoped you’d stick around, but I wasn’t sure.  You could have been too intimidated by my good looks and charm.

Me: You’re a goofball.

A: But I’m your goofball…FOREVER.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So tell me, do you celebrate your dating anniversary and what, if anything, do you remember from your last first date?

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