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Getting My Next Fashion Fix: Stitch Fix Recap #7

You know what never fails to make my day? Wagging wiener dog tails, chocolate, a phone call from my husband and finding my Stitch Fix box waiting on my porch.  I legit wish I had invented this company every time I get a shipment. It’s such a fantastic idea and my stylist nailed my style again!

Item #1: Emily Lightweight Chevron Infinity Scarf. I know this is intended for spring and summer use, but I’m totally wearing it all year long.  I love the pattern and color so much! This was an easy keep.

Item #2: Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean. I was thisclose to keeping this jeans.  The fit was awesome and the material was super soft, but I couldn’t get over the “pre-distressing”. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t like buying clothes that already have holes in them.  Keeping my fingers crossed I’ll get something similar without the tears.

Item #3: Raphael Denim Jacket. If I did not already own a denim jacket that I wear like a second skin, I would have purchased this one. But alas, this jean-girl relationship was doomed from the beginning.

Item #4: Colibri Bird Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse. My stylist is nailing it with the Pixley tops.  The material is lightweight, but still work-appropriate and the patterns are so fun!

See? I love the springy colors in this one.  I’ve already worn it!

Item #5: Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress. Much like the Pixley shirts, these fit and flare dresses are my jam.  The 26 year old me loves the fitted bodice and flowing skirt because it’s comfortable, stylish and modest. The 6 year old me loves the fitted bodice and flowing skirt because it’s fun to twirl in.  It’s a miracle that one does not take over the other and make all of my life choices.

If you’d like to see some of these items in your closet, please consider using my unique referral link and help me get my next Fix!

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