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Wedding Wednesday: The Ceremony Site

People say your wedding day is a blur and that is so true, at least for most of it! The moments I shared with A are as clear as if they were happening right in front of me, but all those details I agonized over for ages? They have kind of faded into the background in favor of the people who were part of our day.

Luckily, my photographers took great care to catch all the details everyone worked so hard to bring to life.

AJ Dunlap Photography

As guests arrived at the main house, they were greeted with a little directional signage. After all, I do work events for a living and know the power of a directional sign. I had seen this sign on Pinterest and just knew I had to have it.  Luckily I was saved the labor and much of the cost by renting it from Happily Ever After. I highly recommend renting large decor pieces if you can. It saves so much headache!

AJ Dunlap Photography

As guests made their way to the ceremony site, they passed by our chalkboard program (also from Happily Ever After). This was another cost saving idea.  Paper programs often just get thrown away and I wanted something different for our day. Plus it was windy enough that we would have had programs all over the venue! This chalkboard program was just the solution and was one of my favorite finds.

AJ Dunlap Photography

I love how colorful this table is! The basket of bell wands made it look so festive and a few mercury glass votive holders added just the right amount of sparkle.

AJ Dunlap Photography

People definitely took advantage of our basket of wraps with it being so chilly that day!

AJ Dunlap Photography
Instead of having people throw rice or confetti or glitter (all things that A would have hated), they rang bell wands which also doubled as their favor.  This tradition tied in A’s Irish heritage and allowed me to write a super cute poem that rhymed.  It was really a win-win for everyone. 
AJ Dunlap Photography
I did all of our chalkboard signs (except the program door) and was totally freaking out that none of them looked the same or as Pinterest-y as I wanted. But looking back at the photos now, I love that they were in my handwriting and all just a little bit different.  Lesson learned: don’t worry about perfection because in the end, you’ll think it’s gorgeous.  
AJ Dunlap Photography
Alright, down to the ceremony site! Look at that tree! Look at that arbor! This could not have been a more perfect ceremony backdrop even if my wildest dream came to life.  It was simple, but stunning.  
AJ Dunlap Photography
My mom and grandmother put together all of the flowers for the wedding and did such an amazing job! I knew I wanted some simple flowers to make the ceremony site a little more special and these were just right.  There was so much natural beauty there that I got away easy when it came to decorating!  
Coming up next week: we walk down the aisle! 
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