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Top 10 (Different) Valentine’s Date Ideas

I’m a big fan of non-traditional date nights. To me, good dates are ones that take planning, creativity and push me out of my comfort zone. They’re ones that don’t just pass, but rather make lasting memories.  So this year on Valentine’s Day, A and I will not get dressed up and go to dinner and/or a movie. We’ll do something different and odds are that it will come from the list below!
  1. Do a city-wide scavenger hunt (you can try Stray Boots if you’re in a major city, make up your own or search the Internet for your city)
  2. Chopped date: each person buys five random ingredients and then cooks what the other person purchased.  Full confession: A and I may do this one.
  3. Pop some popcorn, break out the chocolate and have a movie marathon.
  4. Have a super fancy dinner…at home with takeout. Seriously, go all out.  Break out tablecloths and candles, the fancy dishes and get dressed to the nines before having pizza or Chinese food.
  5. Have a board game night and place a friendly bet on the winner.
  6. Write and exchange love letters (bonus if you read them out loud to each other)
  7. Do a funny face photo shoot (either visit a photo booth or have a selfie session!)
  8. Tackle a DIY house project together. 
  9. Try to recreate your favorite fancy restaurant meal in your own kitchen.
  10. Spend the evening looking at baby photos or watching old home movies.  
What are your favorite non-traditional date ideas and do you have any of them planned for Saturday?



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