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Friday Faves #12: Presents for the Fella

People are all about Christmas shopping today and I’m right there too. It’s hard to pass up some of the fantastic deals, even on a few Christmas presents for me! But first up on my list is A. As far as I’m concerned, guys are the hardest people to shop for when it comes to presents and my guy is no exception. He generally buys things he wants right away, often stealing Christmas present ideas out from underneath me.  Plus he’s not one to generally ask for stuff so I have to work hard to make sure there’s something under the tree for him.

But I think I’ve come up with some fairly good ideas this year and hopefully have given you some inspiration for your hard to shop for fella!

1. A is slowly coming around to the idea of sweaters and I’m all for it. Something about them just makes me want to hug him. All the time.  Kohl’s has a lot of great guys’ sweaters (many of which are cotton) on sale right now including this super stylish one.

2. I have a budding Master Chef in my house and I will admit (reluctantly) that it’s not me. A is obsessed with Gordon Ramsay and his food so a new cookbook is always a safe bet. Barnes and Noble has a pretty wide selection to choose from.

3. I found this idea on Pinterest and love it! I’m all for dressing up unfestive gifts to make them more fun and a 6-pack would definitely be hard to wrap.

4. Again, Barnes and Noble is a great place to go for these Moleskine notebooks.  Great for guys who have a lot on their mind all the time and maybe have a hard time keeping a mental list.

5. I’m really tempted to add this Art of Shaving starter kit to my online shopping basket.  A has to shave  for work almost daily and his poor face takes a beating.  Maybe this will help things? Plus it looks so spiffy!

6. Magazines! Whether it’s Men’s Fitness or Sports Illustrated or National Geographic Traveler, my guy loves magazines.  They’re also a cheap stocking stuffer.

Other ideas include tickets to a sporting event or concert, Starbucks or iTunes gift cards, phone chargers (A is constantly losing/breaking his) and mini bottles of booze.

Who’s the hardest person to shop for on your list?

I’m linking up with some great ladies via Lauren Elizabeth’s blog and the 5 on Friday link up.

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