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Stitch Fix Recap #33

July 7, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! What an odd week: after being gone for much of last week on a business trip, I worked one day, had one day off and then worked for three days. And this felt like the longest week of my life.  I’m ready to get my life back in order this weekend and hopefully get my deployment routine figured out so next week is less of a hot mess.

To celebrate that goal, I’m sharing my latest Stitch Fix. It was one of my favorite boxes to date. Spoiler: I kept everything in the box!

Item #1: Pixley Breonna V-Neck Dress. This dress was super flattering; the angle of the stripes on the bodice makes you look super pulled in at your waist.  The material is a little on the heavier side so I don’t know that I would want to wear this in the middle of the summer, but it’s a good transition piece for when the seasons change. I got a size small.

Item #2: Pixley Ryleigh Printed Short.  Could these be any cuter?! They are definitely on the short side so I would recommend keeping them for date night, but the silky material and elastic waist in the back make them so comfortable.  I got a size medium and they fit nice and loose around my legs.

Item #3: Current Air Riva Ruffle Neckline Blouse. When I said that I kept everything, I lied a little bit. As pretty as this top was, it was too big for me, but I had a friend who loved it so it’s now in her closet. I received a size medium and it was just too large.

Item #4: Skies are Blue Zeea 2fer Dress. I actually wore this dress to work earlier this week and got so many compliments on it! The bodice material is a really thick jersey knit and it has a really cute keyhole back. The skirt is very light and floaty, but completely lined. I got a size small and will probably have the top taken in just a little bit so that I can wear it without a jacket.

Item #5: Toms Seasonal Classic Slip-On Flats. Y’all, this is my first pair of Toms and I love them! The pattern is so stinking cute and will go with just about everything I own. I will likely wear them with socks for a little bit until they are truly broken in, but I got a size 7 and they fit really well.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Recap #32

June 2, 2017

Happy first Friday in June! Today marks the start of the largest event of the year for my day job, so we’re keeping it short and sweet. Let’s get right to my latest Stitch Fix!

Item #1: Q&A Tarria Pleating Detail Blouse. This top was perfect in every way, until I put it on. I’m all for loose fitting blouses, but this one took it a bit too far. I oped to send it back.

Item #2: Coffeeshop Casidia Cargo Jacket. This was such a cute jacket and had a really pretty eyelet insert in the back that was so different. But jackets aren’t really my thing, especially once winter is over. I knew it would never get worn so I sent it back.

Item #3: 41Hawthorn Prinsloo Ruffle Neck Blouse. This was such a pretty top! The feminine color and tiny polka dots were right up my alley, but like quite a few tops, the armholes were cut too deep. I know what you’re thinking: if I have such strict requirements about armholes, how do I ever buy sleeveless tops? The answer is petite sizes: they are cut smaller, so the torso is a better fit for me.

Item #4 Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jean: These pants were a really pretty color, but the fit was not right and the cost was way too high. Plus once summer rolls around, pants don’t ever leave the back of my closet. #toodanghot

Item #5: Pixley Millie Textured Knit Dress. This was the only item I kept and I’m so glad I did! The dress fits perfectly and is just right for the office in the summer. I can get away without a sweater, but have worn it with one the past two times. It’s a bit short, so if you’re tall, you may find it’s not quite office appropriate, but it works on me because I am the opposite of short.

Would you have kept anything else? Have a great weekend!

Stitch Fix

May 2017 Stitch Fix

May 5, 2017

Do you ever feel like you’re in a style rut? You open your closet one day and even though it’s full of clothes, none of them speak to you. You stand there in your towel halfheartedly picking up a shirt, then a dress, then a pair of pants before putting them all back and laying down on your bed.

That’s when you realize you should have signed up for Stitch Fix. Five hand-picked pieces that fit your style are shipped to your door every month (or however often you’d like) so you can try them on at home. Whatever you don’t like, you ship back in their pre-paid envelope. It’s amazing and I recommend trying it at least once, especially if you’ve ever had one of those sad closet moments I mentioned earlier.

Item #1: Laila Jayde Jasiah Ribbon Strap Hi-Low Knit Tank. I really wanted to keep this top because it would have been perfect for summer weekends, plus it was so stinking soft. Unfortunately, the arm holes were too low which is a no-go for me. Back it went.

Item #2: THML Chana Embroidered Dress. I wasn’t 100% sure about this dress when I took it out of the box, but my husband absolutely loved it so I gave it a shot. I was really pleasantly surprised with how comfortable and flattering it was so I kept and am excited to wear it this summer!

Item #3: Daniel Rainn Katie Crochet Sleeve Blouse. This is another top that I really would have liked to keep, but it just didn’t fit well enough. Arm holes that show off my undergarments are a deal breaker. Is there a quick alteration to fix that?

Item #4: Bishop + Young Flin Kimono. This was something I liked in theory more than in reality. When I took it out of the box, I loved it, but when I put it on, I just wasn’t crazy about it. I’ve learned that if I’m not crazy about something, I won’t wear it later on down the road. This went back.

Item #5: Liverpool Cameryn Skinny Pant. These were an instant love for me! I adore the color and the fit was perfect. They are a bit warm for NC spring and summer unless you’re staying inside all day, but will be good for fall.

If you’re in a style rut, definitely consider trying Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Recap #30

April 7, 2017

Wow. Where did this week go?! As my day job gets busier, it feels like the days get shorter and just whiz by. I feel like I need about 5 more hours in each day, but in reality, I know I just need to be more strategic with my time. Now if only everyone else would leave me alone for about a month, I could really get in front of things!

Being short on time means I don’t generally take time for very many extras, including shopping. That’s why Stitch Fix is so amazing. Every month (or however often you’d like) they send 5 items to your door, you try it on at home and then send back what you don’t want in a pre-stamped envelope. It’s about as easy as it gets when you’re talking clothes. And the clothes are really cute!

I’ve been a Stitch Fix customer for almost three years now and would guess about 85% of my wardrobe are items they’ve sent me. I don’t have to shop on my own which saves me a lot of impulse purchase money.

Item #1: Skies are Blue Lumos Eyelet Top. I was prepared to send this top back, but I put it on and it was so stinking cute. It’s a bit of a crop top so it’s definitely not work appropriate, but with shorts in the summertime? You can’t beat it for a casual date night.

Item #2: Skies are Blue Bonny Open Cardigan. I loved this cardigan from the very first moment I pulled it out of the box. It’s so soft and the prettiest color. It’s lightweight which is perfect for chilly NC spring mornings.

Item #3: Skies are Blue Myriam Lace Knit Dress. Oh my word. I heart this dress so much. It has the cutest key hole back and looks adorable with some cute sandals. I can’t wait until the weather is warm enough to wear it regularly.

Item #4: Renee C Jamiya Aline Skirt. This (and the sweater) has already made an appearance or two at work. It’s a great length and really stretchy/comfy.

Item #5: Bay to Baubles Naina Mini Statement Necklace. I don’t normally keep jewelry (it’s just not my thing), but this necklace was really pretty and delicate enough that I would wear it.

Clearly this was one of my best boxes in some time and I’m glad I kept everything!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, please consider signing up via my referral link. You get cute clothes and I get a little something to put towards my next Fix.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Recap #29

March 3, 2017

Y’all, I need your help. I stood in the granola/protein bar section of the grocery store for almost 20 minutes yesterday looking for something relatively healthy that would meet any dessert cravings I have. You see, most of the potential candidates carry an allergy warning or legitimately contain nuts.  I ended up leaving empty handed and still craving something sweet.  What’s your go-to nut-free healthy(ish) dessert?

While y’all ponder that very specific (and totally odd request), I will ramble on about my last Stitch Fix! I apologize in advance for the small screenshots. I got my box during a very rare stretch of bad weather last month and couldn’t take my own photos.

In all likelihood, I probably could have been talked into keeping everything they sent, but I’m trying to be more selective, so I made some hard cuts.

Item #1: Bay to Baubles Leila Reversible Station Necklace. This necklace was super pretty and ordinarily something I would have kept, but the timing wasn’t right. I wear my husband’s wedding ring as a necklace every time he deploys and don’t switch it out until he gets home. No need for necklaces means no necklace purchases.

Item #2: Papermoon Pompeii Tulip Sleeve Blouse.  I really wanted to like this shirt because the color was so different from everything else in my closet.  I loved the material and knew that I could a lot of use out of it, but when I tried it on, I wasn’t a fan. The tulip sleeves hit my arms in a funky spot and it wasn’t flattering. Back it went!

Item #3: Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant. I kept these bad boys and am so happy that I did! They are the perfect length and fit just right! Plus they’re thick enough to wear to work, but cute enough to rock on a date night.

Item #4: Renee C Addae Textured Knit Dress. This was a really cute dress and I really liked the material. However, I had a similar issue with these sleeves as I did with the top earlier. Plus this particular cut can make me look like a 12 year old and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Item #5: 41Hawthorn Karlstad Textured Moto Jacket. This was a bit of a splurge for me, but it was so dang cute that I couldn’t pass it up. It will be perfect to wear to work when I need to dress up a bit, provided I can keep from spilling my lunch on it.

Should I have kept anything I didn’t? What would you have kept?