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Four Years Later

August 15, 2016

You know that saying about time flying when you’re having fun? Well it’s true and I know it to be so because yesterday, A and I woke up to find that it was our 4th dateaversary.

Four years ago yesterday, A and I met at a local restaurant for the very first time. A few hours later, we’d eaten all of our food and it was waaaaay past my bed time, but it’s safe to say that date had a life-changing impact on both of us.

We celebrate August 14 every year, even if it’s just dinner at that same restaurant. This year, we took it to the next level and went to Savannah for the weekend. We had a great time and were able to reconnect a little bit after a few really crazy weeks. I’ll share more about that trip over the next few days.

But for today I thought it might be fun to share a little bit more about our relationship, especially for those of you who are new ’round these parts. Sorry. Cleary, I’m still not quite done with Savannah.

  • I was dead set against dating A because I did not want to date someone in the military.  And here I am four years later, a proud Navy wife.
  • We’ve traveled to seven states, three new countries and two continents since we’ve been together. I didn’t even have a passport until we got ready to go on our honeymoon.
  • On our fourth date, A’s truck was broken into, my purse was stolen, we had to fill out a police report and then he met my parents. But he still came back a few days later for our 5th date.
  • We’ve been through 2 deployments, 1 three-month training program, countless business trips and have been separated for almost half of the time we’ve been a couple.
  • In that same amount of time, we’ve been through a pinning ceremony, had many amazing homecoming celebrations and weathered quite a few storms that only made us stronger and more respectful of the time we do have together.

Four years down, forty more (at least) to go!


My Parents’ Marriage

August 5, 2016

Yesterday my parents celebrated 32 years of marriage. As a semi-newlywed that number is mind-blowing to me.  What’s even more mind-blowing is everything they have accomplished and gone through in those 32 years, all while remaining steadfast in their love for each other and for their family.

Frankly it makes my heart swell and how could it not?

All my childhood, I looked up to them as the picture of what marriage should be. They taught me that marriage should be a partnership, with two people giving and taking and supporting each other throughout their life. Marriage should be growing and learning and experiencing new things together. Marriage should be something you work at to nourish and preserve.

My parents’ marriage is all of those things and I so incredibly thankful that in a world of the short-lived, they have stood the test of time.

32 years is an amazing milestone, but I know that they have 32 (or more) years full of amazing moments ahead. Happy anniversary, you two crazy kids!


31 Days of Dating

August 1, 2016

You guys. It’s August. Where did my summer go and how can I get it back?! I’m officially in that weird place where I both want time to stop because we have some not so fun stuff in our future and hurry up because we have some very fun stuff in our future.  Today we’re focusing on the super fun stuff: our 4 year dateaversary! Yes it’s a thing and yes we celebrate it! Well I force us to celebrate, but it’s kind of the same thing. This year, I’ve decided to go BIG and date my husband every day for an entire month.

What the what?!

I know it sounds a little crazy, but we won’t get to spend our wedding anniversary together this year so I’m channeling all of that energy into our dateaversary.  My plan is this: every day this month, I will do something to date my husband. They won’t all be actual dates; that would be far too pricey. There will be a mix of small gestures and evenings out throughout the month that hopefully make him feel extra loved. And because I can’t help it: I’m sharing my plan with you all! But shhh…don’t tell A!

31 Days of DatingSo what do you say? Do you all want to date your husbands/fiances/boyfriends along with me?! You can do as many or as few of these prompts as you want and in any order that works for you. Feel free to make them your own and share what it looks like when you date all month long using the #31DaysofDating hashtag on social media!


Our Favorite Marriage Advice

November 23, 2015

A and I are very lucky to have quite a few strong marriages to model ours after; so many of our family members have been married for decades upon decades that it would be silly not to ask for (and follow) some of their advice. So on our wedding day, we did just that!<

Reading everyone’s notes when we came home from our honeymoon was a blast, as they made our hearts so full.  I came across the little baggie full of them a few weeks ago and knew that I had to share some our favorites with you all!


My aunt and uncle have been married for 24 years (ish) and are still the family members I think of when I think “young, fun married couple”. I think it’s safe to say they stick to this one.

My parents just celebrated their 37 year date anniversary and still go out for lunch dates.  I love that they wrote this one and know that it means so much more than just going on dates. It means holding hands, being excited to spend time together and not losing that tingly, butterfly feeling.

Two great pieces of advice from two couples who’ve mastered this whole marriage thing. I’d like to think that A and I do a good job of letting the little things go as quickly as we can.

I have no idea who this one is from, but I love it! I hope our house is always one people want to visit, both because it’s in a warm location (I am a Southern girl at heart, after all) and because it’s full of so much love.

Oh this one…cue all the heart eyes.  I have always been a big believer in turning the TV off during dinner and using that time to re-connect as a couple (and someday as a family).  Schedules are only going to get more hectic as our lives go on, so we’ve made this commitment already.

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you’ve ever been given and have you followed it?<

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I Cross My Heart

November 13, 2015

We’ve been married for a whole year! Well technically it’s a whole year minus one day, as our anniversary is technically tomorrow, but we’ll just go ahead and call it even.

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s already been a year since this happened.

Just before we tied the knot, I had a friend tell me that being married was so much fun, even more fun than dating. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I believed her. Not because I didn’t think being married would be fun, but rather because I was having a large amount of fun dating A.

But you know what? She was totally right! Somehow everything we do is more fun now that we’re married. Vacations? Totally cooler when I check in with my new last name.  Date night? More special now that we’re making life-long memories. Lazy nights at home on the sofa? My heart jumps when I see A’s left hand resting on my leg.

Our wedding day was the most perfect day we could have ever imagined, but I think we’d both agree that the days that have followed are the better ones. Here’s to another 50 plus years full of more fun, more laughter and a whole lot of love.