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Loving Lately

Loving Lately: September 2017

September 15, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m so looking forward to my last quiet-ish weekend of the month and hope to fit in some R&R between cleaning, dog loving and business stuff. Between a work conference next weekend and then a huge event the last weekend, this month is practically over! We’re getting close to homecoming, y’all!

Four random thoughts this week:

1) I’ve mentioned this briefly in my Instagram stories, but I’m currently doing a massive purge of my house and getting rid of the same number of items as the day of the month. So today I’m getting rid of 15 things. At first I thought it was going to be really hard, but I’ve actually found that I have MORE than enough stuff to purge. Once you begin looking at things with a critical eye, you would be surprised how much you’re ok parting with.

2) Did you see the news that Joanna Gaines is bringing her style to Target? AH! Just take all my money and be done with it. I cannot wait for Hearth & Hand to hit the shelves just in time for my anniversary, birthday and Christmas!

3) If you have pets and haven’t tried to buy supplies, you need to! We’ve started using it recently for food, toys as well flea and tick meds and have been so pleased! Everything is significantly cheaper than if you purchased it from the pet store and it shows up to your door. As someone who has to purchase 30+ pound bags of dog food on the regular, that alone is worth a thousand wiener dog kisses. This is totally not sponsored in any way; I just believe in sharing good stuff when I find it!

4) Speaking of dogs, do any of you out there have a GSP (or similar breed) with super sensitive skin? Poor Ruger is experiencing some allergies on his chest and we are all stumped as to the cause. We’re hoping to figure it out soon so please share any experience you have!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Loving Lately

Loving Lately: May 2017

May 31, 2017

We have these big beautiful magnolia trees blooming across from our house and I have had my heart set on photographing the flowers for quite a while now. I want to add one to our entryway photo project, but was having no luck. Why, you ask? Well because someone was STEALING the magnolia flowers! I know!

I would see a perfect one in the morning on the way to work and by the time I got home in the afternoon, it would be gone. Not wilted or petal-less. Gone. And this happened multiple times: the worst being when A and I both saw one on the way to brunch and by the time we came back a few hours later, it was gone. Who steals magnolia flowers?!

Long(er) story short: I finally got a photo and am pretty happy with it because who knows when another one will last long enough for me to break out the camera. No, I’m not at all bitter.

Moving on to a round-up of some of my favorite May links from the Internet!

I’ve posted before about the Five Love Languages, but thanks to Elise, I just learned that there are Apology Languages! I’m looking forward to taking the quiz and learning which one is my top language, as well as A’s.

Chelsea is one of those bloggers who finds a way to put into words the exact sentiment that I have floating around in my head.  Her thoughts on giving yourself grace are outstanding and I highly recommend reading them.

My 4th of July care package is now available in my Etsy shop! Get yours soon!

Earlier this month it was Military Spouse Appreciation Day and SpouseBuzz put together a really great post on how to appreciate the modern military spouse. First step? Recognize the diversity that exists within our population.

I completely agree that stubbornness is the key to a successful military marriage.

It comes down to choices. You chose your spouse. Remember? Most likely, you vowed “until death do us part,” or something similar, during your wedding ceremony. Most of us didn’t include vows like, “until there’s more month than money,” “Uncle Sam says move again,” “your spouse is sent on a remote tour,” “deployment orders come through AGAIN,” “chronic illness strikes,” “we move 4000 miles from family to the  middle of nowhere” (rver hear of Kwajalein Atoll?), “PTSD happens,” or [fill in the blank].

Grace has some fantastic thoughts on learning from your spouse and how you can grow closer by doing so.

Speaking of Grace, I had the pleasure of guest posting on her blog earlier this month and do hope you’ll check out the four pre-deployment questions you must ask.

Happy last day of May!

Loving Lately

Loving Lately: April 2017

April 28, 2017

I probably say this every month, but where in the world did the last four weeks go and how do I get them back? It really feels like April flew by and I would really love for this year to slow down just a little bit. But since we all know that won’t happen, let’s at least wrap up the month with some link love!

We tried this zoodle shrimp scampi recipe this month and have already made it a second time. Really good, although I definitely upped the red pepper the second time!

I shared this on social media, but I absolutely love Chelsea’s list of 5 things she wants to stop doing this year. It’s a must read and I think everyone should make their own list.

I am most certainly an introvert. And I definitely married an extrovert. Elise has some great reasons why that’s a fantastic combination.

Did you check out my newest care package?

I am so jealous that Ashley got to experience Texas wildflower season this year. Bring on all the bluebonnets!

These tips for incorporating your volunteer experience into your resume are great for military spouses and civilians alike.

Make sure to enter my giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh and this guy would love it if you gave him and Ruger a follow on their brand new Instagram account.

Loving Lately

Loving Lately: March 2017

March 31, 2017

Are you over my Seattle photos? No? Good, because I couldn’t resist sharing just one more with you before the month ends. Don’t worry, next week there will be loads of Vancouver photos for me to force on you. You’re welcome. Now, about this whole “tomorrow’s April” business…what’s up with that?! As sad as I am to see an entire month gone, I’m so happy with all the fun things that we did in March; we definitely made the most of our 31 days.

A business highlight for me was definitely guest posting on The Six Box about creating your own personal spring break in just five minutes a day. Who doesn’t need one of those?!

I also loved launching my Military Spouse Profile series as well as adding a super cute Easter care package to the shop.

Speaking of Easter, I can’t say I’ve ever been a hardcore Peeps fan, but some of these recipes make me want to buy a package or two.

This article is all about having white furniture/linens/cabinets in your house with kids, but I want to see the version that explains what to do with a Ruger. My bedspread does too.

This is the year we buy patio furniture. I mean it. Because when I see photos like the ones here I cannot wait for nights outside until well past bedtime.

Last but not least, 15 books to add to your reading list in April. I’m hoping to do more reading this month and a few of those are definitely on my list.

What was your favorite part of March? What are you most looking forward to in April?!

Loving Lately

Loving Lately February 2017

February 28, 2017

Here we are…the last day of February! The first two months of the year have flown by, which was great since A was gone. But now that he’s home, time can definitely slow down a little bit. I am so excited to do all the things together and am loving having my little family back together again.

Other loves this  month include the prettiest flowers from the grocery store, driving around town with all the windows down, the gorgeous weather and those precious extra minutes of daylight.

Some posts I’ve loved the past few months:

Jen is getting ready to PCS and she has some fantastic tips for moving that aren’t limited to just military families.

How going back to basics can help your blog via The Blog Market.

I so want to make these beer brownies for A.

I always love supporting veteran-owned businesses and New Man Revolution allows you to do that while keeping your man smelling good. More from Kara here.

Chelsea realized her argument with her husband was more about different definitions of something than everything else. Do different definitions cause conflict in your relationship?

In case you missed it, I loved sharing my Valentine’s Day and North Carolina care packages this month.

Hope you all have a fantastic end to your month today! See you in March!