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“Cute as a Button” Baby Shower

September 30, 2015

A super surprised mom to be, a restaurant owned by a close friend, a theme that was cute as a button (both literally and figuratively) and lots and lots of love for a baby that’s not even here yet were the makings of the perfect baby shower!

As soon as I found out my co-worker was expecting a baby, I knew I wanted to be all up in the baby shower planning process. And as soon as I got the ok, I jumped into the deep end. Because the baby’s gender is a surprise until his or her birthday, I knew I had to go with a gender neutral theme and color palette. A combination of yellow and gray was the perfect way to keep things light and pretty, without being too girly.

Instead of a traditional guest book, I thought it would be nice for everyone to leave the new baby a message in a children’s book.  I picked The Little Engine That Could because it was a favorite of mine when I was little, but really this idea is one that work with any book for a boy or a girl.

I added the cute as a button element kind of on a whim, but I think it so made the day! I tried to keep everything as homemade as possible, but I made an exception for the mini lemon cupcakes from my favorite local bakery. They were so amazing at my wedding that I couldn’t resist them for this event. But I had to add my own touch with yellow fondant buttons on top. These were super easy to make and definitely took the look to the next level.

My lemon sugar cookies were also a huge hit. I’ll be sharing the recipe on the blog later on, but it’s safe to say that they were amazing and worth all of the flour all over my kitchen.

Other details I was very proud of were the baby bottle flower arrangements with white buttons as the weights and the large number of handmade paper buttons that dotted the tables around the room.

And then, in a nod to the mom’s to be job and passion, a brilliant co-worker made some of the most ridiculously adorable onesies known to man.

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Scrapbook Share: My Five Favorite Products

September 25, 2015

There are a few truths that I believe in wholeheartedly.

  1. There will always be dog hair on my clothing. And on my bed. And in my car. And probably woven into my very DNA.
  2. If I’m wearing a white shirt, I will spill something on it. And it will be something that stains. Hardcore.
  3. Whoever said Disney was the happiest place on earth has obviously never been to Michael’s

That last one has been especially true lately as I’ve really stepped up my scrapbooking pace in an effort to finish quite a few events before A gets home.  Every time I step into Michael’s, I’m like a kid in a candy store. This is all fine and dandy until I hit the checkout line and realize that I’ve spent my grocery budget.  For the next two weeks.

It only took that happening once (or maybe twice) for me to learn my lesson. And now, to save you the trouble of having to eat Ramen noodles for every meal until October, I’m sharing some of favorite supplies with you!

  1. Glue dots are quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to scrapbooking since…well I’m not really up on my scrapbook product development history. But safe to say they’re awesome. No mess which is always my issue with regular glue and they come in multiple sizes so they work for any item I’m trying to attach to a page.
  2. Journaling pads are a must for me. I hate crooked handwriting in my scrapbooks and these give me the lines I need without taking away from the look of the page.  There are as many types out there as there are things to scrapbook so I can always find something that works.
  3. Fine point Sharpies may not be the most glamorous scrapbooking pen out there, but I just love them. They look nicer than regular pens, but write on a variety of paper types without smudging and that’s key.
  4. Washi tape is not a secret. Everyone and their wiener dog is using it for all sorts of fun things, but I really like it for my scrapbooks. I frequently need to layer photos for space purposes and the flexibility of the Washi tape makes it so I can flip photos up and get more on one page.
  5. Simple Stories products: when looking for our honeymoon book, I checked out all of the options at my local store (multiple times), but kept coming back to the Simple Stories book and page protectors. I wasn’t 100% sure about them, but when I started working on our honeymoon scrapbook, I was a pretty quick convert.  I love that I can mix open pages with protectors to incorporate all the photos, maps, brochures and little bits of paper that I accumulated during that trip.  I may very well use this brand for quite a few more scrapbooks!

What are some of your favorite scrapbook must haves?

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Scrapbook Share: Alternate Page Backgrounds

August 31, 2015

About three months after A and I began dating, I turned 24. I was very excited about what he would get me as a present and ran through a lot of different scenarios in my head.  But I would never have guessed that A would hand me a blank scrapbook and tell me that I could fill it with all of our adventures, past, present and future.  Ever since then, I’ve created a scrapbook for each year of our relationship.

A helps this process by unloading his pockets when we’re on vacation and giving me all the bits of paper he would normally throw away. You see, I really like to save as much stuff (receipts, hotel keys, posters, etc) as possible to use in each book.  Sometimes they tell the story far better than a simple picture ever could, especially when you use them as the background for a page. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Race bibs. These are possibly one of my favorite page backgrounds, especially when they’re unique to the race or from a big race.  I find it’s best to cut off the timing chips, but other than that, I use them as is in combination with a post-race victory photo.

2. Programs. Whether it’s from a play, sporting event or state fair, programs can really jazz up a page. You can cut out just the event logo or use the entire first page to layer the look.

3. Maps. Every tourist picks one up when they’re in a new city and probably throws them away even before the first load of laundry is done back home.  I, however, recognize their true potential as perfect backgrounds.  I cut mine to fit the page, but try to keep major city names or landmarks visible.

4. Fabric. The blue fabric is a tablecloth swatch I was sent to review for our wedding (and the one I chose for our cake table).  I love the texture and color it gives to the page and it holds a great memory that a simple piece of paper wouldn’t be able to convey.

But of course sometimes you stick with regular paper because the photos tell the story so well. And are so stinking cute!

What alternate things do you use as backgrounds for scrapbook pages?

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DIY Wedding Wednesday

DIY $15 Guestbook

October 30, 2014

I will not claim to be an expert wedding budget maker, but I’d like to think that I am doing my part to keep costs in check during the #bestdayever planning process.

One of the main ways I did that was to DIY as much as I could. I painted banners and signs, we are doing all the flower arrangements, I put together much of the decor myself, etc. One of my many DIY projects was our super inexpensive guestbook!

I had a lot of different ideas, but finally settled on this:

It could not have been easier or faster to put together! I found the frame on mega-clearance for only $10.  Luckily the color was similar to wood tones we have in the house, but it would have been super easy to repaint the frame.

For the images, I had the option of taking my own or using free ones online. I went with the most time efficient option especially since I found the perfect photos online. This website is the mother of all free images to create signs just like this.  Hello time and sanity savings!

I converted them to black and white before printing them just to keep the colors as neutral as possible for use in whatever room I choose later on.  And then Shutterfly printed them for maybe $3 total.  And then boom. Super adorable and inexpensive guestbook that I will actually display in my home instead of hiding it away in a box somewhere!

Folks will sign the mat throughout the wedding and I can’t wait to see what everyone writes!

Wedding Wednesday