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Halloween Care Package Crafts

October 9, 2017

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I spent it in full-on care package mode: filling orders and finishing up A’s Halloween care package. Hopefully this was my last care package for this deployment! While I searched around for inspiration, I found so many cute Halloween care package crafts, more than I could possibly include in A’s last box. I pulled together a few of my favorites for y’all to use in your next care package.

I’ve linked original sources when I could find them, but all of these Halloween care package crafts are so simple and could easily be done without directions. Most of them are related to food, but the few that aren’t may actually be my favorites.

Halloween Care Package Crafts

Popcorn GloveGhost LollipopsMonster Candy BarsBugs & Kisses – Pedicure Kit – Tic Tacs – Ghost Footprints – Chex MixLollipop Spiders

I absolutely love the ghost footprint art! It would be a great way to get your little ones involved; actually most of these are kid-friendly. But there’s something about sending those little footprints in a care package that make me all gooey inside and they’re not even for me!

The rest of these Halloween care package crafts are great ways to dress up your care package contents to fit your Halloween theme, especially the monster candy bars. You could take the same idea and use it to decorate any of the items in your care package. I highly suggest adding extras of whichever crafts you do choose so that your loved one can share the Halloween cheer with others.

The best news is that all of these Halloween care package crafts don’t have to be just for care packages! You could use them for trick-or-treating, as treats for a Halloween party or even as small gifts for co-workers or neighbors.

Share your favorite Halloween care package crafts in the comments!


Sport T-Shirt Pillow DIY

January 24, 2017
T-shirt Pillow DIY

Who here has way too many t-shirts?! Yup, me too. I recently cleaned out my closet and had *baskets* of shirts. Even if I wore one every day of the week, I probably still couldn’t fit them all in within a few months. A lot of them went to Goodwill, some went in the trash and then a smaller number went in the sentimental keepsakes pile. I just couldn’t stand to part with the ones that had the most memories wrapped up in them, but needed to turn them into something functional. And that is how this t-shirt pillow DIY was born!

I am not a talented seamstress by any stretch of the imagination so I wanted to keep this t-shirt pillow DIY as simple as possible. Luckily, a t-shirt is already partially ready to become a pillow! With a few added seams, a little cutting, some iron-on Velcro and the help of my sweet mother, I turned six t-shirts into six pillows in an afternoon.

T-shirt Pillow DIY

Our upstairs loft has quickly turned into a bit of a sports memorabilia room so I used some of my favorite sport shirts for this project.  I opted to purchase pillow forms from a craft store, but you could certainly use old pillows in need of recovering or standard cotton batting as well.

It was really important to me that I be able to throw these pillow covers in the wash since everything in my house gets pretty heavily Rugered. With limited sewing skills, I opted for iron-on Velcro and a few knots. But if you are more talented, a zipper or buttons would work perfectly!

The actual process of this t-shirt pillow DIY could not be easier; I’ve outlined it in this graphic.

T-shirt Pillow DIY

This t-shirt pillow project was one of my deployment goals and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! They add a ton of color to our sports loft and gave some very loved shirts new life!

You could also do this with race t-shirts, kids’ t-shirts or even team jerseys.

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Five Ways to be More Eco-Friendly

April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I feel like Earth Day gets the short end of the holiday stick, at least for those of us not in school anymore.  And since I don’t know that it would be terribly acceptable to make toilet paper roll bird feeders during my lunch break, I started thinking about other ways to celebrate Earth Day.

Now, don’t roll your eyes. Earth Day itself may be slightly cheesy, but the idea behind it is really important. I’m no Lorax, but I recognize that we only have one planet and we should probably do our part to ensure it’s here for future generations.  So I came up with five ways that everyone can celebrate Earth Day in a way that improves the planet, both today and every day.

Kick the bottled water habit.

I think this one is probably the easiest one to accomplish and, as a bonus, you’ll save a bunch of money! If you stopped buying bottled water and instead drank filtered tap water, you could save upwards of $100 a year! I can think of a ton of things I would rather spend $100 on every year and my guess is you can too. I gave up bottled water a while back (with the odd exception here and there) and switched to filling up my Tervis tumbler with filtered water instead. My water stays colder, I don’t produce extra garbage and it’s one less thing I have to bring in when I buy groceries. All of the wins.

Turn off some lights.

I think this one is probably self-explanatory, but it still deserves to be on the list.  Plus it’s another way to save some cash!  Turning off lights when you’re not in the room (and switching to more eco-friendly bulbs) reduces the amount of electricity you use, saving money and reducing your mark on the earth. I think that’s something we can all get behind.

Pick up after your dog!

I cannot begin to tell you how much it irritates me when owners don’t pick up after their dogs. I’m not sure of the environmental impact of not picking it up, but y’all. It’s just gross. So just do it.  That way I don’t step in it when I’m not paying attention. #allthetime

Go for a walk and throw away any trash you see.

On the rare chance I am paying attention when I’m walking, I am really disappointed to see garbage along the sidewalks of my sweet, perfect town.  And I would wager a guess that this is the case in other towns as well. AND THAT IS NOT OK! So next time I’m out walking, I plan to pick up any garbage I see and actually throw it away.  Imagine what would happen if we all made that commitment to our own towns.

Bring your lunch to work (or school).

If I brought my lunch to work more often, rather than purchasing something every day, I can only imagine how much garbage I wouldn’t produce. When you look it at one day at a time, it seems insignificant, but when I think about an entire year?! That’s when things get real. I’m making that my challenge for the next month or so: bring lunch to work a few days a week and reduce the amount of trash I produce.

What can you do to be more eco-friendly? Or what steps have you already taken?!


Snow Day Activities

January 22, 2016

I went to the grocery store yesterday and was met with a scene straight out of an post-apocalyptic movie.

People were everywhere, wildly grabbing bread, milk, eggs, booze…you know the essentials. Shelves were empty, cashiers looked afraid and I swear I saw one woman clear an entire shelf of Oreos into her cart. There may have even been a zombie or two.

Why the widespread panic?

It’s supposed to snow today.  Like all day. Which in North Carolina means that roads shut down, businesses and schools close and everyone loses their collective minds.  And, thankfully, most people stay home.

So to fully celebrate the day, I’ve rounded up some fun snow day activities for kids of all ages!

Break out the board games and have an all-day Monopoly/Scrabble/Battleship tournament.

Bake loads of cookies. I suggest these bad boys. Or these.

Have a movie or TV marathon (bonus if there’s a pillow fort involved).

Spend the day snuggled up under loads of blankets reading as many books as you can. For little kids, there are sites that will actually read books aloud!

Bundle up, head outside and paint the snow!

Make (and eat) loads of snow cream.

Have a scavenger hunt! This example is for kids, but you could easily make a grown-up one.  Maybe hide some of that alcohol you bought in your pre-snow panic.

Play charades! This is a great list of ideas.

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Vintage Photo Christmas Gift Tags

December 21, 2015

What is it about old photos that make faces light up? Is it the memories? The brief glimpse into a time they have only heard about in stories? The goofiness of fashion and hair styles back in the 80’s? For me, old photos bring all the warm and fuzzies, matched only by Christmas itself. So when I stumbled across some very vintage photos of my parents, I knew that I wanted to turn them into one of a kind Christmas gift tags.

All of the photos I wanted to use were a variety of colors that just didn’t go with my wrapping paper, so I opted to make them all black and white.  Some just happened to already be black and white because they were taken prior to the invention of color photography, but we won’t talk about that.

I arranged them so multiple photos fit on each page, printed them all on lightweight cardstock and then cut them to size. I’d highly recommend using cardstock for this project so that your tags have a little bit more weight to them.  They need to hold up, especially if you’re shipping or transporting them.

Another cool idea would be to have them printed on photo paper so that they could be treated like the keepsake they are for years to come! Your imagination is really only the limiting factor for how you attach the photo gift tags to your presents. I opted to keep things simple so that the photos really stood out, but know they would look fantastic no matter how you use them!<

For a very quick DIY project, these will have a big impact.  I cannot wait to see everyone’s faces when they see their own faces staring back at them on Christmas morning!

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