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October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, y’all! I’m letting the masters of costume take over blogging duties today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a fantastic military spouse profile! 

We take certain things very seriously in our house: meal time, snuggle time and costume time! Even though A insists we hate it, we actually like when Rachel spends hours shopping for our Halloween costumes. Our natural body shapes can make it a little tricky to find something, but she always comes through for us. And she doesn’t even get mad when we destroy it!

What’s that Roogie? Oh, she DOES get mad? Huh. I’ve never noticed that. Well anyway, this year, Roogie and I have a “couple’s costume” which I’m pretty sure means we got fun things to chew on, but more on that later.

Roogie was very excited to be a firefighter. He heard all the ladies love firefighters.  He wasn’t so good at wearing his helmet, but he liked his sleeveless jacket. I’m pretty sure he was practicing getting dressed as quickly as possible here.

What Roogie? Yes, the lack of sleeves really shows off your guns. Yes, I’m sure the ladies are going to be all over you. No, I don’t think you’ll be in a calendar. Children, am I right?

I’ll admit that Roogie did look good in his costume. I really liked the shiny stripes on his coat.

But what’s a firefighter without a firetruck? Just a dude standing on the street corner looking silly! That’s where I come in, ladies and gentlemen. Weeeeoooooo weeeeeeeoooooooo. Firetruck B to the rescue! I’m a beauty, aren’t I?

Like any good firetruck, I made sure to hang on to all the tools Roogie needs to fight fires. This ax was especially delicious. I mean important. That’s why I held on to it so tightly: because of its importance.

We really liked our costumes this year and are very excited for Halloween. Actually, Roogie is excited. I am not. I don’t like all the doorbell ringing; it makes me very anxious. But since A is gone, I need to be brave for Rachel and protect her.

That’s what us first responders are here for: to protect and serve. Which is why we have a few tips for keeping your four-legged family members safe tonight:

  • Make sure to keep all candy and candy wrappers away from our reach! We don’t know that it will make us sick if we eat it and some of us, like me, don’t have any self control.
  • Keep pumpkins up and away from wagging tails and interested noses. We can easily knock over a jack-o-lantern and the candle can light other things on fire. Also, even though pumpkin is ok for us to eat, we shouldn’t eat left over jack-o-lanterns! Throw them away!
  • Trick-or-treating may not be right for all of us. Even the nicest and friendliest dog can get overwhelmed with lots of little kids coming towards them or the noise they make. If we get scared, we may run away or lash out in a way that’s dangerous for us and everyone else.
  • If we do come with you, keep us on a leash and add a reflective stripe to our costumes or have us wear a reflective collar. It’s dark and people in cars may not see us.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! If we come to your door with a bucket, we’d like all the dog cookies!


My No Good Very Bad Horrible Day

August 11, 2017

I didn’t plan to take the day off from blogging today, but B has something he’d like to share with y’all. I originally said no, but then he gave me his best sad face and I relented. So here to tell you about his no good very bad horrible day is B himself. 

I’m a pretty adventurous dude: hiking, swimming, camping. I run, jump and keep up with Ruger all while being darn cute. I’m not really scared of anything, except the wind. So when I tell you that our backyard is a deathtrap, I hope that you take it seriously.

You see, on Saturday, we were outside and I was checking under the deck for left over Ruger food because he’s a messy eater and I have an insatiable appetite.  So there I was sniffing around in the mulch, occasionally peeing a little bit, loving life. Then BOOM! Out of nowhere, something shot me in the side!

Ok so technically, nothing actually shot me, but it sure felt that way. I yelped in surprise because it hurt so much! I didn’t like that all, but what I liked even less was Rachel poking at me. She poked my belly and my legs and EVERYWHERE. She seemed really worried and that made me nervous so I stopped moving and pretended I didn’t know how to walk. I even hid from her because I didn’t want her to keep poking me.

Well that really set her off! She kept bothering me and trying to get me to walk around, tempting me with treats (which I totes ate-I was injured, not stupid). Nothing I did would make her leave me alone, even when I pretended to be asleep. Then she made my Nana come over and chase me around the house. Couldn’t they see that I was wounded?!

Well after another whole day of Rachel following me around and touching me, I went to see the scary man at the place that smells like pee and dogs. He said I got stung by something and that I was going to be ok. The bump of my side would eventually stop hurting and Rachel wouldn’t have anything left to poke at. Phew.

I really hope that nothing bad happens this weekend.  I don’t think I could take any more stress (or Rachel pokes).

So yes, poor B did get stung by something last weekend. His side swelled up a bit and we had to make a vet visit on Monday. A few days plus some Benadryl later and he is back to his normal, sassy self.  And yes, I maybe freaked out a little bit and checked on him a bit (obsessively). 


Dog Deployment Goals

July 21, 2017

I write a lot about surviving and thriving during deployment, usually from my point of view. But today I’m turning the tables a bit and letting B and Ruger share some of their plans for the time their favorite guy is gone.  

Happy Friday, party people! Roogie and Wigs are back on the blog and we’re excited for the weekend! Hopefully Rachel doesn’t have a lot to do because we want to spend all of our time with her. Since A left, she’s been really busy and we haven’t gotten to play or snuggle with her as much as we would like.

She keeps telling us that we’re still trying to get into our deployment routine. We don’t like deployment because it means A is gone. But she always says that a deployment is what we make of it, so we have set our own deployment goals for the next few months.

Dog Deployment Goals

Take a lot of naps. At least two a day.

Ok. To be fair, we do this even when A is home, but we really want to dedicate ourselves to our craft. It helps us prepare for the big events during our day: meal time and bed time. We like to be in tip-top napping shape when our favorite guy gets home.

Make sure Rachel never feels lonely. 

We miss A a lot and Rachel does too. We don’t want her to feel bad so we’re making an extra effort to keep her company. We follow her into every room, sit next to her on the sofa and even cry when she leaves to get the mail. Sometimes we make her feel so unlonely, she goes into the bathroom and shuts the door just so she can feel lonely again.

Help with chores around the house.

We have a confession: sometimes we’re not the cleanest members of our family. We don’t make a mess on purpose, it just happens sometimes, like when we get really excited about a new toy or Ruger is extra thirsty. We know it can be a little exhausting for Rachel to clean up after us by herself so we want to do our part with the household chores. Ruger is helping to take out the trash by removing cardboard from recycling and chewing them up so they fit better. He also brings laundry from the laundry basket to the washing machine like a pro. B licks anything and everything off the floor, keeping it squeaky clean. We are basically keeping the house running.

Enjoy the little things in life, like a little more room in the bed. 

Sure, we’re sad that A isn’t here; we really miss him sharing snacks with us. But we can’t let missing him get in the way of enjoying the days until he’s home. Whether it’s the extra room in the bed or not having to wiggle in between A and Rachel all the time, we’re focusing on enjoying the little things in life.

Hopefully these goals keep us super busy and time flies until our favorite guy gets home. Have a great weekend!


Dachshund Life Lessons

July 18, 2017

There’s a saying about teaching old dogs new tricks and whether or not you can. I’m not sure which is true, but I do know that as much as owners try to teach dogs how to behave, dogs come with some lessons of their own. There is so much wisdom between those ears and for some reason, B has always seemed extra wise.  Over the past (almost) 5 years, he has taught me far more than I could ever teach him and not just because he’s stubborn.

Dachshund Life Lessons

You are only as little as you allow yourself to feel.

B may only stand 6″ tall and weigh 12 pounds, but he has the heart of a lion. No rock is too large, no lake too deep, no bowl of food too full for that little guy. You cannot tell him he’s unable to do something. He’s adventurous, daring and does not let his size keep him from all the fun life has to offer. He lives truly believing he is without limits, something we should all strive for.

You can’t be too close. 

That dog loves to cuddle and cannot get close enough to someone he loves. When he was a puppy, he used to sleep draped across my throat and while he doesn’t do that anymore, he still wiggles his way in as tightly as possible. Laying next to you isn’t good enough; he needs to lay on you. But when you love someone don’t you take comfort in being close to them? Don’t you find yourself unconsciously reaching for them at night, reassured that they’re still there? B sure does.

Greet each day with endless enthusiasm. 

Rain or shine, sleeping in or up early, B wakes up bright-eyed with a wagging tail. To him, each day is going to be the best day ever.  His bouncy attitude makes my first few moments out of bed a tad brighter, even if I’m grumpy at having to be up that early. What if we all went through life believing that today was going to be a good day?

What if we all went through life believing that today was going to be a good day? #doglifelessons Click To Tweet

Show those around you that you love them unconditionally. 

My husband often tells me that he’s not sure a creature loves another creature as much as B loves me. And while I know he’s partially joking, I also know he’s partially correct. Dogs have this tremendous ability to love their humans unconditionally, no matter how many times you’ve refused to play ball or scolded them for chewing on your shoes. To them, you are the greatest thing to have ever walked on earth and they are not shy about showing it. Frankly, it should inspire us all to love a little more unconditionally.

If you can’t have it, try again. 

B’s…perseverance in the face of a “no” is astonishing. If Ruger has his toy (or a toy B thinks should be his), does he shrug his little wiener dog shoulders and walk away? No! He fights for what he wants! And while the barking gets on everyone’s nerves, B ultimately gets what he wants. I’m not saying we should walk around yelling at people to give us what we want, but maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to walk away from it either.

My little 12-pound dachshund has more personality and quirkiness in his tail than some humans do in their entire bodies. And like most dogs, I’m pretty sure he’s wiser than we give him credit for. Dogs have so much to teach us, if only we’re open to learning.  What has your dog taught you?


Life With Ruger

June 27, 2017

Oh gracious, y’all. Today was B’s turn to blog and when we began brainstorming his post, I had to say no to a lot of sassy stuff. We finally settled on what life is like now that Ruger has joined our family, but I apologize in advance if he snuck some extra sass by me.  

I’ve learned a valuable lesson lately: everyone lies, including the people you think love you the most. You see, when Rachel told me that Ruger was coming to live with us, she also said that nothing would change and that I would hardly notice that he was there.


Here we are a year later and I can tell you with absolute certainty that A LOT has changed and I definitely notice that he’s here. He’s so big, you guys! He takes up all the bed and almost all of the sofa and is constantly squishing me. Don’t believe me? Well look at this! He’s using me as a pillow! And his head is heavy!

Yeah. Don’t tell me I won’t notice him. He’s slowly taking over the entire house, sitting in all my favorite spots, including Rachel’s lap, which really grinds my gears! That’s my spot, mister. Not cool. I also get stepped on a lot more now than I ever did before, especially when we go up the stairs.

Now I do try to get even with him by stealing his toys whenever he isn’t looking. I’ve chewed up everything he’s ever owned and I’d do it again if I had the chance. Sometimes I even blame him for things I did, like chewing on something I shouldn’t or farting under the covers in bed. Silly dog is too dumb to even realize it.

Now, my mom said I had to share some good things about having Ruger in our house. I had a hard time coming up with any at first, but I do like using his head as a pillow sometimes.  And he’s a really sloppy eater so there’s always extra kibble for me to clean up after he’s done.  That’s definitely my favorite part of Ruger living with us.

I guess he’s not that bad, although if my mom and dad decided I should be the only dog in the bed again, I would be ok with that.