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Loving Lately

Loving Lately: September 2017

September 15, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m so looking forward to my last quiet-ish weekend of the month and hope to fit in some R&R between cleaning, dog loving and business stuff. Between a work conference next weekend and then a huge event the last weekend, this month is practically over! We’re getting close to homecoming, y’all!

Four random thoughts this week:

1) I’ve mentioned this briefly in my Instagram stories, but I’m currently doing a massive purge of my house and getting rid of the same number of items as the day of the month. So today I’m getting rid of 15 things. At first I thought it was going to be really hard, but I’ve actually found that I have MORE than enough stuff to purge. Once you begin looking at things with a critical eye, you would be surprised how much you’re ok parting with.

2) Did you see the news that Joanna Gaines is bringing her style to Target? AH! Just take all my money and be done with it. I cannot wait for Hearth & Hand to hit the shelves just in time for my anniversary, birthday and Christmas!

3) If you have pets and haven’t tried to buy supplies, you need to! We’ve started using it recently for food, toys as well flea and tick meds and have been so pleased! Everything is significantly cheaper than if you purchased it from the pet store and it shows up to your door. As someone who has to purchase 30+ pound bags of dog food on the regular, that alone is worth a thousand wiener dog kisses. This is totally not sponsored in any way; I just believe in sharing good stuff when I find it!

4) Speaking of dogs, do any of you out there have a GSP (or similar breed) with super sensitive skin? Poor Ruger is experiencing some allergies on his chest and we are all stumped as to the cause. We’re hoping to figure it out soon so please share any experience you have!

What do you have planned for the weekend?


Sixteen Years Ago

September 11, 2017

This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace. America has stood down enemies before, and we will do so this time. None of us will ever forget this day. Yet, we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world. -President George W. Bush on September 11, 2001

Each generation has a moment that will forever be seared into their memory: where they were, how they found out, how they felt. For many people my age, it’s the morning of September 11, 2001. I will forever remember exactly where I stood and who I was speaking to sixteen years ago when I learned that the country was under attack. While that day should never be forgotten, it’s the days that came after (and those still to come) that I view as equally important.

Those terrorist attacks scared us; that’s what they were meant to do. But it’s what we do with that fear that matters.  Each time fear is expressed as hate or mistrust, the bad guys win. Each day that someone chooses to be afraid of their fellow American instead of trying to understand them, a point goes in the wrong column. Lately, it seems like a lot of points are getting scored against us. It may be sixteen years later and we may have “won” in terms of the history books, but we still have quite a bit of work left to do.

The heroes of September 11th did not care whether the people they saved were black or white, Muslim or Christian, liberals or conservative, gay or straight. They went directly into the face of danger to save their fellow Americans because all that other stuff didn’t matter. When we pause to remember all that day meant, let’s remember that the “other stuff” doesn’t matter, no matter how often people try to say it does.

Sixteen years later, let’s continue to show the world the best of America, not just in times of tragedy. Let’s ask instead of assuming, love instead of hate and seek to understand instead of relying on stereotypes. May we never forget the horrible events of the day, but may we always more easily remember how the best of America is still within each of us.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Recap #35

September 8, 2017

I know everyone is all OMG fall right now, but I’m still trying to hang on to the last few days of summer. Luckily, North Carolina hangs on to summer a little longer than other parts of the country which made my most recent Stitch Fix perfect.  It had a great mix of end of summer pieces and items that will transition nicely into fall.

For those of you who don’t know, Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service. Each month (or however often you’d like), a stylist sends you five items of clothing chosen just for you. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home, keep what you want and then return the rest in the prepaid envelope. To say that it’s the highlight of my week when it arrives may be an understatement.

Item #1: THML Mioki Skirt. This is the perfect example of one the pieces that will transition nicely to fall. It’s a heavier weight fabric than most summer skirts so it will be a little warmer in the cooler months. Plus I can totally see this paired with a nice sweater or jacket.  I kept this bad boy and have already worn it to work a few times.

Item #2: 41Hawthorn Sara Textured Knit Dress. Another piece that I’ve already worn a few times. While the colors are a bit summery, I definitely plan to use this in the fall as well by pairing it with a sweater. The cut is super flattering and the length is perfect for the office.

Item #3: Skies are Blue Anbria Braided Cross Back Knit Top. While this top may not make many appearances in the colder months, I couldn’t resist keeping it. The side you see is actually the back and I just love the criss-cross details. It’s a bit thin, but perfect with shorts for some of our steamy days still to come.

Item #4: Bancroft Lexington Filigree Bracelet. Ok, if you know me, you know that I’m not a big jewelry girl. My husband actually wishes I was because it would make shopping for me easier, but I’m just not. However, this bracelet was just way too pretty to pass up. I can totally see wearing it on a date night once A comes home.

Item #5: Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Short. These are actually the second pair of Dear John shorts I’ve purchased from Stitch Fix and I love them. The material isn’t too thin and they’re just the right length and fit on me.

In case you weren’t keeping count, I did keep everything from this Fix. When you do, you get a pretty hefty discount which sometimes makes all 5 items cheaper than one or two! Talk about winning!

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself, please consider using my referral link! I will get a little something towards my next Fix if you do.


Five Years Later

August 14, 2017

Five years ago today, I nervously picked at mac and cheese while trying to convince myself that I did not like the guy sitting next to me. He was older, in the military and basically everything I didn’t want in a guy.

Spoiler: he turned out to be everything I wanted in a guy and now we’re married and I write cheesy blog posts on our dateaversary.

It’s a little hard to believe that five years have gone by this quickly. In the time since that (slightly awkward) first date, we’ve built a life together: making it through multiple deployments, getting married, moving into our dream home, adding four-legged members of our family and traveling to new places.

Looking back at five years of memories, all I can think is: boy have we been busy! Seriously, so much has happened in the last 1,826 days. We’ve had so many adventures and our relationship has become so much a part of who I am that I cannot imagine my life without A.

I wouldn’t say that being with A has made me a different person, but over the past five years, I’ve grown as a person, largely because of him. He makes me brave enough to try new things, strong enough to face my fears and confident enough to pursue my biggest dreams.

Whether it’s quiet nights in or nights out on the town, I’ve loved dating my husband over the past five years. I still get butterflies every time he smiles at me and look forward to him coming home each night. Each deployment homecoming makes me feel like I’m back on that first date all over again.

So here’s to five years since that first date and the many more dates to come. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!


My No Good Very Bad Horrible Day

August 11, 2017

I didn’t plan to take the day off from blogging today, but B has something he’d like to share with y’all. I originally said no, but then he gave me his best sad face and I relented. So here to tell you about his no good very bad horrible day is B himself. 

I’m a pretty adventurous dude: hiking, swimming, camping. I run, jump and keep up with Ruger all while being darn cute. I’m not really scared of anything, except the wind. So when I tell you that our backyard is a deathtrap, I hope that you take it seriously.

You see, on Saturday, we were outside and I was checking under the deck for left over Ruger food because he’s a messy eater and I have an insatiable appetite.  So there I was sniffing around in the mulch, occasionally peeing a little bit, loving life. Then BOOM! Out of nowhere, something shot me in the side!

Ok so technically, nothing actually shot me, but it sure felt that way. I yelped in surprise because it hurt so much! I didn’t like that all, but what I liked even less was Rachel poking at me. She poked my belly and my legs and EVERYWHERE. She seemed really worried and that made me nervous so I stopped moving and pretended I didn’t know how to walk. I even hid from her because I didn’t want her to keep poking me.

Well that really set her off! She kept bothering me and trying to get me to walk around, tempting me with treats (which I totes ate-I was injured, not stupid). Nothing I did would make her leave me alone, even when I pretended to be asleep. Then she made my Nana come over and chase me around the house. Couldn’t they see that I was wounded?!

Well after another whole day of Rachel following me around and touching me, I went to see the scary man at the place that smells like pee and dogs. He said I got stung by something and that I was going to be ok. The bump of my side would eventually stop hurting and Rachel wouldn’t have anything left to poke at. Phew.

I really hope that nothing bad happens this weekend.  I don’t think I could take any more stress (or Rachel pokes).

So yes, poor B did get stung by something last weekend. His side swelled up a bit and we had to make a vet visit on Monday. A few days plus some Benadryl later and he is back to his normal, sassy self.  And yes, I maybe freaked out a little bit and checked on him a bit (obsessively).