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Three Years Later Q&A

November 14, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this past weekend was an excellent one for me because my husband came home! There are not enough exclamation points in the world to accurately show how excited I am about that. After 139 days apart, he showed up just in time to celebrate our wedding anniversary together.

That’s right, today is our third wedding anniversary! Over the past three years, we’ve bought and sold a home, added another dog into our family, traveled to four new countries and gone through three deployments. I can honestly say that there isn’t a single person out there that I’d rather hold hands with through life. Having my husband home this year so we can celebrate our anniversary together makes the day even more special, as I’m grateful for even the littlest signs of us being together.

To celebrate, I’m keeping the mushiness to a minimum and instead I forced my (seriously jet-lagged) husband to play a mini version of the newlywed shoe game. For the most part our answers matched, but there were definitely some disagreements.

Q: Who is the most likely to wake up grumpy?

My answer: Me

A’s answer: Me

Q: Who is more likely to injure themselves?

My answer: A.

A’s answer: Me

Q: Who is more creative?

My answer: Me.

A’s answer: You

Q: Who is more likely to get lost?

My answer: Me

A’s answer: You

Q: Who made the first move?

My answer: A

A’s answer: Me

Q: Who takes up more than their half of the bed?

My answer: A

A’s answer: Me

Q: Who’s the better driver?

My answer: Me

A’s answer: Me

Q: Who’s more stubborn?

My answer: A

A’s answer: Me

Q: Who fell in love first?

My answer: A

A’s answer: Probably you.

Q: What is your favorite part of marriage so far?

My answer: Making a life together: finding that first home we both loved, traveling together, having holidays as a family. It’s all exactly everything I’d ever wanted.

A’s answer: Just being around you all the time. We always find something fun to do.

Things will be a bit quiet around here over the next few days while A and I travel a bit, but I’ll be back on Monday with some pretty fantastic deals for the shop!

Gift Guides Marriage

Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gifts

November 8, 2017

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

I like the idea of giving traditional wedding anniversary gifts, mainly because they usually require a little creativity to make them useful in the modern day. Things like paper and cotton don’t immediately scream great gift idea to me. But traditional 3rd anniversary gifts may be the easiest year I’ve done yet because there are so many leather options!

Leather is the perfect traditional 3rd anniversary gift material because it’s strong, but subject to change over the years, just like a marriage. Think about it: leather is made to withstand a lot of things, but will also show signs of surviving the years. Hopefully, a marriage withstands everything, but it will certainly be changed by events, both good and bad.

The past two years, I’ve shared traditional wedding anniversary gifts for guys, but this year, I decided to throw some suggestions for ladies into the mix as well. There are so many ways to give traditional 3rd anniversary gifts to both genders that finding suggestions was very easy!

Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gifts

Passport Holder: this would be a perfect traditional 3rd anniversary gift for a guy or a girl who loves to travel, especially if you added a plane ticket in there as an added surprise!

Baseball Art: this baseball art is such a neat idea for a sports fan! If you’re super crafty, you may be able to put this together on your own, but the Etsy shop I’ve linked has them at a very reasonable price.  Another idea would be giving a collector’s item, like a signed baseball. This would likely get far more expensive, but is a nice idea if your loved one isn’t into super sentimental things.

Earrings: Joanna Gaines strikes again with these leather earrings.  They are simple, made using ethically sourced leather and help employ at-risk women in the Waco community.  I think we can all get behind a gift that gives back!

Watch: my husband would probably want a watch with a leather band for his traditional 3rd anniversary gift. I really like the simple look of this one (and its reasonable price tag), but there are styles and price points to fit just about anyone.

Valet Tray: raise your hand if your loved one comes to bed every night and empties his or her pockets onto the dresser or night stand. Keys, coins, receipts, a random pen cap or two all pile up and almost NEVER make it back in their pocket. This valet tray keeps all those bits contained while still looking nice. Plus this particular one has an Irish wedding blessing on it which adds a bit of sweetness to its functionality.

Messenger Bag: I love this messenger bag! It’s stylish and would be perfect for your loved one to take to and from the office. It’s also a great travel bag for business trips and works for men or women.

Luggage Tag: you could easily combine this with the passport holder for the travel enthusiast in your life.  These two items make a nice gift if you’ve planned a trip for the future, but would still like a tangible way for your loved one to find out.

Bookmark: customizable bookmarkis your loved one an avid reader? Well then this would be a perfect traditional 3rd anniversary gift. You could add your own sweet message so every time they read a book, they’re reminded of your love.

Dopp Kit: my husband currently uses his military-issued Dopp kit for travel, which is fine, but this one is so nice that I think he’d love the replacement.  Plus this Dopp kit is made by R.Riveter, a military-spouse owned company that uses a business model that allows them to employ as many military spouses as possible.

Keychain: I love that you can have both the outside and inside of this keychain engraved. It’s a reminder of your love that will be seen and used every single day.

Now, if you’re not into leather or are vegan, you could certainly give something that’s synthetic or one of these leather-scented candles instead.

Traditional 3rd anniversary gifts made of leather are easily customizable to your loved one’s unique tastes.  Between all the different items and the variety in leather color, there is truly something for everyone.  Do you give traditional wedding anniversary gifts? What did you give for your 3rd anniversary?

Check out my traditional first and second anniversary gift ideas.



October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, y’all! I’m letting the masters of costume take over blogging duties today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a fantastic military spouse profile! 

We take certain things very seriously in our house: meal time, snuggle time and costume time! Even though A insists we hate it, we actually like when Rachel spends hours shopping for our Halloween costumes. Our natural body shapes can make it a little tricky to find something, but she always comes through for us. And she doesn’t even get mad when we destroy it!

What’s that Roogie? Oh, she DOES get mad? Huh. I’ve never noticed that. Well anyway, this year, Roogie and I have a “couple’s costume” which I’m pretty sure means we got fun things to chew on, but more on that later.

Roogie was very excited to be a firefighter. He heard all the ladies love firefighters.  He wasn’t so good at wearing his helmet, but he liked his sleeveless jacket. I’m pretty sure he was practicing getting dressed as quickly as possible here.

What Roogie? Yes, the lack of sleeves really shows off your guns. Yes, I’m sure the ladies are going to be all over you. No, I don’t think you’ll be in a calendar. Children, am I right?

I’ll admit that Roogie did look good in his costume. I really liked the shiny stripes on his coat.

But what’s a firefighter without a firetruck? Just a dude standing on the street corner looking silly! That’s where I come in, ladies and gentlemen. Weeeeoooooo weeeeeeeoooooooo. Firetruck B to the rescue! I’m a beauty, aren’t I?

Like any good firetruck, I made sure to hang on to all the tools Roogie needs to fight fires. This ax was especially delicious. I mean important. That’s why I held on to it so tightly: because of its importance.

We really liked our costumes this year and are very excited for Halloween. Actually, Roogie is excited. I am not. I don’t like all the doorbell ringing; it makes me very anxious. But since A is gone, I need to be brave for Rachel and protect her.

That’s what us first responders are here for: to protect and serve. Which is why we have a few tips for keeping your four-legged family members safe tonight:

  • Make sure to keep all candy and candy wrappers away from our reach! We don’t know that it will make us sick if we eat it and some of us, like me, don’t have any self control.
  • Keep pumpkins up and away from wagging tails and interested noses. We can easily knock over a jack-o-lantern and the candle can light other things on fire. Also, even though pumpkin is ok for us to eat, we shouldn’t eat left over jack-o-lanterns! Throw them away!
  • Trick-or-treating may not be right for all of us. Even the nicest and friendliest dog can get overwhelmed with lots of little kids coming towards them or the noise they make. If we get scared, we may run away or lash out in a way that’s dangerous for us and everyone else.
  • If we do come with you, keep us on a leash and add a reflective stripe to our costumes or have us wear a reflective collar. It’s dark and people in cars may not see us.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! If we come to your door with a bucket, we’d like all the dog cookies!

About Me

Ten Random Facts About Me

October 13, 2017

Happy Friday! I had a completely different post planned for today, but sometimes deployment just overwhelms you and you need something easy and fun. So instead of my regularly scheduled post, I’m sharing 10 random facts about me and hope you’ll share a random fact about yourself in the comments!

1. I am so incredibly over this deployment. 8 months out of 12 is too many and I have zero patience left. Hurry up, homecoming!

2. Being my own boss is something I would really like to accomplish one day. A and I both like the idea of being self-employed and have considered all sorts of businesses including a restaurant.

3. I don’t mind the beach and think the ocean can be beautiful, but would choose the mountains any day.

4. Speaking of the mountains, my retirement goal is to have a piece of property in the mountains and open a wiener dog rescue. There’d be tiny guest houses and people would come on vacation and get a wiener dog to snuggle while they were there. This is also known as heaven.

5. I can’t stand mushrooms. It’s not the taste, but the texture and if they’re in something I’m eating, I have to swallow them whole. Blech.

6. A few years ago, I had no idea how to use my camera. My husband purchased it for me and I was just using trial and error to figure out how to use it. But then I took a photography lesson with the fabulous AJ Dunlap and my whole photography world changed. She took the photo that goes with this post and is amazing!

7.  If I could go anywhere in the world on vacation, I would chose Italy. Ever since going to Rome on our honeymoon, I’ve wanted to do a full tour of the country. Now I just need a ton of money and about a month off work to make it happen.

8. I absolutely hate being the center of attention, which is ironic when you consider that I have a blog about my life. Oh and my day job puts me in front of media on a pretty regular basis.

9. A year ago, I never would have considered traveling solo, but after a few trips alone, I actually don’t mind it too much! I’m not sure I’d actually want to go on vacation by myself, but that’s a big step forward for me.

10. I would choose wearing a skirt over pants almost any time, except if the pants were yoga pants.

Tell me a random fact about yourself!

Care Packages DIY

Halloween Care Package Crafts

October 9, 2017

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I spent it in full-on care package mode: filling orders and finishing up A’s Halloween care package. Hopefully this was my last care package for this deployment! While I searched around for inspiration, I found so many cute Halloween care package crafts, more than I could possibly include in A’s last box. I pulled together a few of my favorites for y’all to use in your next care package.

I’ve linked original sources when I could find them, but all of these Halloween care package crafts are so simple and could easily be done without directions. Most of them are related to food, but the few that aren’t may actually be my favorites.

Halloween Care Package Crafts

Popcorn GloveGhost LollipopsMonster Candy BarsBugs & Kisses – Pedicure Kit – Tic Tacs – Ghost Footprints – Chex MixLollipop Spiders

I absolutely love the ghost footprint art! It would be a great way to get your little ones involved; actually most of these are kid-friendly. But there’s something about sending those little footprints in a care package that make me all gooey inside and they’re not even for me!

The rest of these Halloween care package crafts are great ways to dress up your care package contents to fit your Halloween theme, especially the monster candy bars. You could take the same idea and use it to decorate any of the items in your care package. I highly suggest adding extras of whichever crafts you do choose so that your loved one can share the Halloween cheer with others.

The best news is that all of these Halloween care package crafts don’t have to be just for care packages! You could use them for trick-or-treating, as treats for a Halloween party or even as small gifts for co-workers or neighbors.

Share your favorite Halloween care package crafts in the comments!