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Bedtime Care Package

April 10, 2017
Bedtime Care Package

Raise your hand if you sleep horribly when your spouse isn’t home. Yup, me too. I toss and turn endlessly every time A is gone and he doesn’t fare much better either. That mutual sleeplessness has led me to send him some sleep aids throughout his deployment and served as the inspiration for my new bedtime care package!

This is the first small flat rate care package I’ve offered in my shop and frankly I hope it takes off! These little guys are so fun and easy to make and fill that I hope more people send them.  Plus, they’re significantly cheaper to ship overseas (or even within the United States). Trust me, small flat rate boxes are where it’s at. I plan to send significantly more of them during A’s next deployment.

This bedtime care package is the perfect thing to send to your loved one if they’re having a hard time sleeping. It comes with a suggestion card with ideas for what to include, but the sky’s (or the moon’s) the limit with this one.

Bedtime Care Package

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted a dark night sky and twinkly starts for the design. And I got just that, adding in a friendly moon to complete the look. All of the elements are cut from sparkly card stock (that doesn’t shed glitter) and they are just so stinking cute.

My bedtime care package is available in my shop, ships for free and is less expensive than my full size care package designs.  Plus 10% of each purchase still goes to an organization that supports military families!

Care Packages Countdowns & Cupcakes Store

Easter Care Package

March 6, 2017
Easter Care Package

Hoppy Monday, everyone! Get it? Because I’m sharing my Easter care package today? I know that was lame. Don’t laugh, it will only encourage me. Regardless of how lame my jokes are, I am really egg-cited to share the newest item in the shop with you.

I promise I’m done now.

Seriously though, this Easter care package is so stinking cute! My favorite touches are definitely the grass and real cotton tail on the bunny.  This is the first time I’ve done something three-dimensional, but I couldn’t pass it up. The extra touches are what sets your care packages apart!

Easter care package

There are a lot of colors and patterns in this box, but spring is nature’s party, so we might as well celebrate! I took a page from A’s Valentine’s Day care package and went with patterned paper for the text. The tiny flowers add another pop of spring and I really like the way the font turned out.  And we can’t go through this whole post and skip the Easter basket, complete with decorated eggs!

I know I say this almost every single time, but this Easter care package may be my favorite item in the shop! I have plenty in stock and they all ship free. Get yours quickly before Peter Cottontail beats you to it!

Care Packages Countdowns & Cupcakes Store

SWAK: Kiss Kit Hits The Shelves

February 20, 2017
Kiss Kit

In a way, a deployment homecoming is a lot like a first date. There are all the same nerves, butterflies and excitement. Plus there’s a decent chance the person you meet doesn’t look 100% like you remember. And you get all the same jitters when it comes to your (second) first kiss. That’s why my new Kiss Kit is the perfect thing to send in your last care package!

As your loved one travels home, they’ll be able to use the contents to make sure they’re 100% kissable when reunited with you! The small size of the bag and its contents make it easily transportable, especially if space is limited in luggage.

Each bag is hand stamped (both front and back) with bright red kissing lips, making sure there’s no doubt about what it’s for. I selected all of the contents based on what I would actually send my husband. In fact I did send most of these things in his last care package, which you’ll see later this week. There is still a bit of room in each bag so you could add in another item or two if you would like.

In addition to the essentially toiletries, each Kiss Kit comes with a miniature note care and envelope. You can use it to write a little note to your loved one – the level of sassiness of the note is up to you. I would highly recommend slapping on some bright lipstick and sealing your note with a kiss (and maybe a spritz of perfume).

Kiss Kit

This is my first filled care package and I definitely see more of these coming to the shop in the future! You can shop this fun care package addition now-they ship quickly and 10% of your purchase goes to an organization that supports military families.

Military spouses get the added perk of multiple first kisses throughout their life. That first kiss after homecoming can be just as anticipated as the first one in a relationship. This Kiss Kit will help your loved one be minty fresh, no matter how far they’ve traveled.

Care Packages Countdowns & Cupcakes Store

Toiletry Care Package Spotlight

February 6, 2017
Toiletry Care Package

Raise your hand if this situation sounds familiar to you at all: about a week before deployment, you ask your spouse what items they still need to purchase. “Nothing,” they say.  And then a few weeks later, you get a phone call/email/text asking for toothpaste/soap/shampoo/towels/socks/underwear.

Glad it’s not just me! That phone call is inevitable in my house and it inspired me to create this toiletry care package.

Toiletry Care Package

I wanted the inside of the box to feel like a bathroom (it is a toiletry care package after all!) so I chose paper that looked like bathroom tile for the bottom of the box. The blue of the bottom paper inspired me to select a really pretty blue (with a bit of a shimmer to it) for the flaps.

I tried a new font for this box and really like it! I like ones that are clean, simple and easy to read. This one meets all of those criteria and the white letters really pop against the blue paper.

A yellow rubber duck, bar of soap and bathtub round out this super cute bathroom in a box. I love the simplicity of this toiletry care package which you can now shop in my store. As always, everything is eligible for free shipping and 10% of each purchase will be donated to an organization that supports military families.

Care Packages Countdowns & Cupcakes Store

St. Patrick’s Day Care Package

January 30, 2017
St. Patrick's Day Care Package

Happy last Monday of January, everyone! I’m so excited to end the month on a high note by sharing my St. Patrick’s Day care package with you! I am so pleased with how it came out and know that anyone would feel lucky to open this box.

St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to design a care package for because there is so much fun imagery! Having an Irish husband meant the pressure was on to make this St. Patrick’s Day care package my best one yet so I really tried to add extra touches wherever possible. I finished with a care package I would be proud to send to him (and happy to receive myself).

St. Patrick's Day Care Package

Obviously shamrocks were a must and I went all out by making them glittery. The St. Patrick’s Day care package is the first one in my shop that used glittery paper and I have to say that I am a huge fan. Additionally, the green paper on the flaps has a bit of shimmer to it. Everything is glittery!

I fully anticipate more care packages getting similar treatments (especially since A would freak out if I sent him this box) because it really makes things pop.  The addition of the rainbow and pot of gold (with glittery coins!) really pushed this care package over the edge into the too stinking cute category.

One of my first care packages for A was a St. Patrick’s Day care package and it’s amazing to look back at that one from four years ago. My crafting skills (just like our relationship) have come a long way since then!

You can shop this care package online now. Remember that everything ships free and 10% of each purchase is donated to an organization that supports military families.