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The Story Behind Care Packages

March 15, 2017
North Carolina Care Package

Someone recently asked me what happens to all of the decorated care packages I send to my husband when he’s deployed. When I explained that A destroys the boxes before returning home, their face fell a little bit. “Well that must make you feel bad, right? I mean what’s the point if he’s just going to throw them away?”

At first, I was bit taken aback by the question and couldn’t come up with an answer. On the surface, I completely understood the confusion. Why put hours of time into something that’s going to get thrown away? But on the other hand, it was so much a part of my relationship that it was hard to put into words why.

So I thought for a moment and then gave the only answer that I could think of:

Think of all the little things you do on a daily basis to show you love someone: holding their hand, a kiss before bed, maybe a text message at lunch. All of these moments get taken away from you when your loved one is deployed. For months at a time, I don’t get to kiss my husband goodnight or make his coffee in the morning. So I have to figure out other ways to show him my love.

For months at a time, I don't get to kiss my husband goodnight or make his coffee in the morning.… Click To Tweet

And yes, it’s kind of disappointing to know that my care packages aren’t going to end forever enshrined in some sort of best wife ever museum. But that’s not why I make care packages. I make them to give my husband a brief break in his day, a little taste of home and hopefully put a smile on his face. I make them to get my love across oceans and continents and into his world.

To me, care packages are more than just a decorated box filled with snacks. It’s a long-distance hug, a physical way of saying “I love you” when that’s my only option. Even though I know the boxes get thrown away, I can’t imagine not sending them.

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