Christmas Shopping Tips

November 22, 2016
Christmas shopping tips

So…Black Friday shopping…where do y’all stand on this? I far prefer to shop from the comfort of my sofa, while in my jammies and eating leftover appleย pie for breakfast. But whether you get in line at 3 am or watch 400 straight episodes of House Hunters, Christmas shopping has to happen! And while it can be a bit of a nightmare at times, I’ve come up with a few Christmas shopping tips that have made it easier to get everything done and still stay merry and bright.

Christmas shopping tips

Christmas Shopping Tips

Start early.

Full confession, I never start Christmas shopping early enough. Every year, I grossly underestimate the amount of time it will take me to get everyone’s gift purchased. I admire the people who shop all year-round and are done before Halloween. So let’s say that “starting early” is in the eye of the beholder and completely dependent upon a number of factors. But avoiding the panic of last minute shopping will make the entire process easier.

Make a list.

There’s a reason the big guy in in the North Pole is checking his list twice: he doesn’t want to forget anyone! And while there are plenty of last-minute gift ideas out there, you just don’t need the added stress at this time of the year. Making a list of everyone you need to buy for will help streamline your shopping. If you keep track of gift ideas (and purchases!) on that same list, you’ll really be in business!

Set (and stick to) a budget.

I know that this is the season of giving, but odds are, your generosity needs a limit. I set an overall gift budget and then break it out into per-person budgets. ย Everyone gets assigned a gift budget, even my four-legged family members. This keeps me from breaking the bank on anyone, but also allows me to shift some money around if someone’s gift comes in under budget.

I hope these Christmas shopping tips help the next 30-odd days go smoothly! To further help you keep track of everything this year, I’ve put together a Christmas shopping printable for you to use! Feel free to print it out and keep track of all the Christmas cheer you’re spreading.

Christmas shopping tips

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