My Parents’ Marriage

August 5, 2016

Yesterday my parents celebrated 32 years of marriage. As a semi-newlywed that number is mind-blowing to me.  What’s even more mind-blowing is everything they have accomplished and gone through in those 32 years, all while remaining steadfast in their love for each other and for their family.

Frankly it makes my heart swell and how could it not?

All my childhood, I looked up to them as the picture of what marriage should be. They taught me that marriage should be a partnership, with two people giving and taking and supporting each other throughout their life. Marriage should be growing and learning and experiencing new things together. Marriage should be something you work at to nourish and preserve.

My parents’ marriage is all of those things and I so incredibly thankful that in a world of the short-lived, they have stood the test of time.

32 years is an amazing milestone, but I know that they have 32 (or more) years full of amazing moments ahead. Happy anniversary, you two crazy kids!

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  • Happy Anniversary to them! I love seeing people who have been married for so long and still love each other 🙂

  • Yes! Happy Anniversary to them! It’s so awesome seeing people married that long and still be totally in love!

  • Simona Baber

    Congrats to your parents, and congrats to you as well! My parents have been married 28 years now and it literally makes my heart swell as well. They have been through SO much together and they truly are an inspiration. Very sweet of you to write a blog for them! Happy weekend love!
    xoxo, Simona and Indre

  • Jen

    I hope they had an amazing anniversary! I looked up to my parents as well for their marriage.