October 21, 2016

    Happy Friday, y’all! I know that the blogging world is uber glamorous: full of perfectly manicured nails, frizz-free hair, designer outfits for the whole family, pumpkin fields and spotless homes.

    Actually, that’s just the part of the blogging world that people share. It normally looks a little more like this: a super clean whatever room you’re photographing and a super messy everything else, kids who pick their nose during family photos, a stain on your shirt that you didn’t see until it was too late and a wiener dog trying to lick the food you’re supposed to be sharing on the blog.

    Life is full of bloopers and the life of a blogger is no exception. I’ve seen some other bloggers share the real side of life by posting blooper photos and I thought it would be fun to do the same! Some of the best bloopers I have involved the dogs. They don’t really care that I’m trying to get beautiful photos; they have an itch and they need to scratch it!

    Or they want to stick their tongue out like B in the first image up top. Or they look like they got into some catnip like Ruger does here. They aren’t super into the whole photo thing.


    But you know what they are into? Sitting in my trunk and looking stinking adorable. Unless of course you’re trying to load luggage into said trunk and then it’s a bit of pain in the butt. B doesn’t get what the problem is though.


    You know what else B likes to do when I’m shooting photos for the blog? Play with/chew on/eat the props. Sometimes I use that to my advantage in order to hold his attention, but normally, he finds a way to completely screw up whatever little scene I’ve created. And now he’s taught Ruger to do the same thing.


    And then you try and get one photo of the three boys in your life and none of them cooperate. B is yelling, Ruger is chewing on something and A completely refused to look at the camera.


    Do you have blog bloopers? Would you share them?


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