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    Emoji Care Package

    October 18, 2017
    Emoji Care Package

    Sometimes a care package just feels meant to be, like the whole universe wants you to create that care package. Way back at the beginning of this deployment, I was strolling through the gift wrap section of WalMart and found the most amazing emoji wrapping paper. I immediately knew that I wanted to send A an emoji care package!

    I opted to keep the design of the box very simple so that the wrapping paper was the show piece of the emoji care package. I found a scrapbook paper that was very similar to the background of the wrapping paper and went from there.

    Emoji Care Package

    While the flaps were very simple, I couldn’t leave the bottom plain! The blowing kiss emoji seemed like a perfect fit for a deployment care package and I absolutely love the way it turned out. I could certainly see this becoming a listing in my shop!

    Emoji Care Package

    I always like wrapping a care package’s contents and to find wrapping paper that fits a theme perfectly? Well that’s like care package heaven! I love the cute little faces and think they totally sum up my relationship with A. There are always lots of smiles, laughter and maybe a stuck out tongue or two.

    Emoji Care Package

    The overall look when the box is open is exactly what I envisioned the day I bought the wrapping paper.  It’s such a simple theme, but this emoji care package would be perfect to send just about any time of the year, especially between holidays.

    Emoji Care Package

    Items in this emoji care package include: lots of magazines, mixed nuts, protein drinks, Mio water flavoring, trail mix, beef jerky, Nutella and peanut butter.

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